Download: Seymour & Cheech’s Wasted Talent EP on LabelGroovement


I kicked off LabelGroovement, a digital and Bandcamp focused label, last year with a release from LA’s Depakote. Mecca:83. Kuartz and Tehbis have all put out stunning releases on there, and I’m really proud of the ‘Volume One’ compilation that so many talented beatmakers contributed to.

I’m chuffed to be able to rep Manchester with this new one, courtesy of two of the city’s finest hip hop heads. Seymour runs community hip hop night Golden Egg, currently at Fallow (formerly Trof) in Fallowfield, and Cheech is one third of The Bluntskins, who are building themselves a hell of a reputation.

Click download, and enjoy.



Manchester hip hop from two of the city’s most well known characters. Seymour runs community hip hop night Golden Egg, a harbour for creativity, cyphers and good times. Cheech is one third of the Bluntskins, as well as part of local supergroup Mothership Connection.


released 10 May 2014
Production on tracks 1, 3 and 4 by Misc Jockey
Track 2 by DJ Rasp
Track 5 by Bat FunkArt by Ed Duffill

Mastered by BumNotes at Drop Studio

Notes from Seymour:

Infectious Laughter
produced by Misc Jockey

Why teach the children to read when they can watch moving screens? Infectious Laughter is a dark message about consumerism and advertising, with samples of the late comedy genius Bill Hicks.

Predator in Danger ft Spider Jaroo
produced by DJ Rasp

Predator in Danger: pretty simply, enjoy music and don’t be a whopper. Featuring the raps of Spider Jaroo from Northern Structure and the legend DJ Rasp on production.

Sigh Chief
produced by Misc Jockey

‘When feeling super human, remember it’s just words’ – Sigh Chief is a deconstruction of the party, don’t take things too seriously, life is bigger than bass and waiting in lines.

Spud ft Dubbul O and NDB
produced by Misc Jockey

A bouncy drunken excited track about being drunk and excited. Spud makes you question what goes on, on the Mothership. Featuring the raps of Dubbul O (Mothership Connection, Voodoo Black and The Mouse Outfit) and a cameo from longtime friend NDB of Taste the Diff’rence.

Tax Those ft Benny Diction
produced by Bat Funk

We are a part of the disenchanted masses; the people in power and influence aren’t representing those who need help the most. Featuring the raps of Benny Diction from Punning Clan.


Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement