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Co-direction of fundraisers for Restless Beings, Middle East Children’s Alliance and Sheffield Palestinian Solidarity Campaign


A blessing in 2023 to DJ for the following…

Plus some hosting: a Q&A with Souls Of Mischief and also R.A.P. Ferreira…

RADIO / For BBC6Music: Season 2 of The Huey Show Presents The Hip Hop Mixtape (six episodes, co-produced with T-Bone), a couple of mixes for The Huey Show plus co-production with Caro C of Delia Derbyshire Day for a Freak Zone Playlist episode for Doctor Who at 60.

BBC 6Music: Contributions to The Huey Show Hip Hop Forever Season (produced by T-Bone) – interviews with Breakbeat Lou, Chuck D, Speech of Arrested Development, Speech Debelle, Ivy Sole, Isatta Sheriff.


A great year for hip hop in Manchester, I managed to jump onboard a few slots at the Blues Kitchen. DJAY ANA MAY settled into her DJ persona.

The end of the year also saw me co-producing The Huey Show presents The Hip Hop Mixtape for BBC 6Music and BBC Sounds.



Recommended Gigs (Manchester)