Public Enemy’s Manchester link: Critical Beatdown

Just a quick post to give props to the Critical Beatdown boys. The hyped-up Stone Roses concerts at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium were made even better by the addition of Public Enemy on the bill as support artists. On the Sunday (June 19) Public Enemy got Mr Spin and CRF out in front of the crowd…


“We were introduced on stage by a member of Public Enemy to acknowledge our service to hip hop and being in Manchester, 60,000 fans gave us a great reception of which was being broadcast live on Youtube…’ reflects Spin.

Critical Beatdown was previously a staple of Manchester’s PeaceFM, but was snapped up when PE producer G-Wiz heard the show. It’s now one of the longest running shows on Public Enemy’s Rapstation network. In its entirety, the show has run for twenty years on various FM and online stations, and artists from T La Rock to Joyce Sims have enjoyed interviews on there.
Listen to Spin and CRF every Wednesay, 2000 GMT, on

Here are two new tracks from the Critical Beatdown crew… grab Feel The Funk on Bandcamp.


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