Sampa The Great does Tiny Desk

Portrait: Isaac Tuba 

I’m so happy I got to perform my first NPR Tiny Desk at home (literally) in Zambia. I got to share my experience with musicians I respect and we got to share who we are and where we’re from with so much excitement. 


Seventeen minutes of pure bliss from Sampa and band on the newest Tiny Desk video. The performance was recorded live from Lusaka, Zambia and features versions of Rhymes To The East, Mwana, Freedom and Final Form.

Sampa The Great: vocals

Lazarus “Lalo” Zulu: keys

Kasonde “Tek1” Sunkutu: drums

Mapalo “Mapskeys” Mapalo: bass

Samuel Masta: guitar

Mwanje Tembo: vocals

Tio Nason: vocals

Joy Tusankine Namwila: vocals

Read my interview with Sampa over at Bonafide. Buy The Return LP here.

More to come this month from Tiny Desk:


Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement