On Wax / MONGRELS release Attack The Megalith remix EP

MONGRELS – Kid Acne and Benjamin – follow up their very excellent debut LP Attack The Monolith with an equally flavourful remix EP of 8 tracks from the album. The wax is limited to 250 copies worldwide and is out on the Invisible Spies imprint.

1. FULL MOON / HALF MOON (Hashfinger Remix)
2. MAN FROM ATLANTIS (Third Person Lurkin Remix)
3. YOU DIG RAPS? (Part 2) (Morriarchi Remix)
4. DUPPY CONQUEROR (Sam Zircon Remix)
5. ZODIAC ROCKERZ (King Kashmere Remix)
6. AZTEC FUTURISTIC (Juga-Naut Remix)
7. UNDERGROUND DWELLERS (Charlie Dark Remix)
8. SKELETON DRUMS (Midfield General Remix)






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