KidKanevil & Japan’s Daisuke Tanabe form like Voltron & become Kidsuke!

A few months ago I was bumbling around London as I tend to. I dont rush like most London folk do, I bumble (I suppose its the Northerner in me, we keep it chill), anyway as I was staring in the window of a bakery oOogling their selection of fine baked products I happened to bump into KidK, who was on his way to the Redbull Studios to finish up some work on the new Stateless lp he was working on. Having no fixed agenda I thought I would tag along and see what hes been up to. Towards the end of his mixing session I suddenly heard these beats & sounds. DOPE!! i thought; “whats that?!”I asked. “Oh its the new Kidsuke ish me & Diasuke are working on” he replied… Airhorns & gunshots went off in my head! thats tight! now here we are a few months later & I open my inbox one morning to see how many new viagra pills & revolutionary diets I was being offered, and there was a link download from KidK with the full lp, which is out on  Project Mooncircle from mid november! Having checked the full lp, it is quite some piece of work, an electronic lullaby that harks back to childhood fantasies… Real nice!
check this little lp snippet for a listen

Also check the stunning artwork by Japanese childrens book  Illustrator Yura Komine Needless to say It is something special. I’m not going to review it, you can make up your own mind about it yourself without me trying to tell you how good it is. Just be sure to check it, buy it, support that ish & enjoy it.

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