Le Fulgeance retournez avec un grand fantastic album………(my French sucks)


thats right, French beat meistro Fulgeance steps up to offer his second full length album proper in only a year or so. The man has clearly been hard at work crafting and honing his signature hip hop / low slung / electro / beats sound and the result is his latest offering which is due to hit the shops around the 15th of October via the lovely rx:tx label. This is infact the 3rd in their exclusive CD series and makes a welcome addition to a label, which seems to be continuing to put out more & more great music.

Having been a fan & friend of Fulgeance for some time Its great to see his music developing and I know that I am not alone in saying that this may well be his finest work to date. High praise has come from the likes of Danny Breaks, Lefto & DJ Cam so you know that their word is bond and the lp is the bizzz.

it also features remix by badman beatmaker Kelpe who I had the pleasure of finally meeting over at Outlook festival, and who also has a new release due just round the way. infact, keep your eyes peeled for a little post about it soon.

Step Thru by Fulgeance

Check Fulgeance’s lp over at here & go support that ish when it drops….


Bienvenue! Dub

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