Martin Iveson: Cobra (An Afefe Iku Offering) – Atjazz Record Company

When I hear the term ‘Deep House’ these days it conjures up images of thin, monotonous grooves, vest wearing LADS and Southern fried Essex girls in some over-priced Ibiza club where in fact the only thing deep in this scenario is the K Hole that the aforementioned are likely to fall into…

This latest offering is from one of the UK’s leading exponents of the TRUE Deep sound, Martin Iveson AKA Atjazz. Remixed by the illusive Afefe Iku, this is a rhythmic journey into the exotic unknown.

Hypnotising conga rhythms and Kalimba loops provided by Gabriella Poso work there way around the listener, enveloping them in a deep, textured organic groove before succumbing to the nagging vocal reframe that just keeps things moving with its cries of ‘deep black’ compiling to the whole incredible journey of warmth and audio radiance.

Written and produced by Martin Iveson
02. Remix and additional production by Afefe Iku for Yoruba Records
01. & 03. Published by Westbury Music Ltd.
02. Published by Westbury Music Ltd. / Yoruba Peoples Music / ASCAP / Sony ATV
Mastered by Martin Iveson at ARCo. Labs UK
C&P 2014 Atjazz Record Company