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New Cosmic Bridge: Graphs – Posthuman EP

graphs rev
Art: Mark Kloud of Ground Mass

A new release on Om Unit’s phenomenal Cosmic Bridge label is due for release on 12″ and download 14th December 2014.

A1 – Posthuman
A2 – Falling Inward
B1 – Broken Legs
B2 – Sever The Heart

There’s a new artist on the roster to mark the tenth release, Chicago born/Boston dwelling Jason Taylor aka Graphs. I can’t find an online stream of the EP just yet so check his past sounds here:

Om Unit expands:

“I found Jason through listening to his Ground Mass material.  Graphs to me has this very focused approach, quite singular and monotonal and definitely in a sense quite bleak and minimalistic. With “Posthuman” he draws on that robotic notion of the “severed heart”. He touches on the Grime and Footwork styles but maintaining this sense of originality and putting it across in his own way, something which I admire in any artist.”

Jason explains:

“The ‘theme’ of the album is the dilemma whereby technology allows us to be more than we are, but we often use that power for shallow things. I grew up on drum and bass, and a lot of that music is infused with utopian/dystopian vision. Particularly in names, either very positive or very dark and sinister. My concept here is: what if it was neither?

What if it was sort of empty, as if it went on without us or without our intervention? Like how Limbo is in the movie Inception: an empty, crumbling heaven. Posthuman/posthumanism is typically a term that describes a utopian view of what comes next for humanity after some technological singularity, described by thinkers like Ray Kurzweil. So I thought it would be somewhat interesting to consider “what if it was nothing?” or “what if the future didn’t need us?”.

Check the Cosmic Bridge back catalogue here, including the recent compilation Cosmology.
graphs posthuman

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Preview: Om Unit celebrates two years of Cosmic Bridge with compilation ‘Cosmology’



Release: 21 July 2014

It’s been two years since Om Unit kicked off his Cosmic Bridge imprint, showcasing some of the most advanced 21st century sounds around. With a wealth of experience and his feet firmly entrenched in an ever-changing scene, he’s quietly built up an impressive foundation – every release is a winner. I’m looking forward to the label’s future, and Cosmology celebrates where it’s at right now. Read more below.

  1. Om Unit & Moresounds – Nuff Music
  2. Kromestar – V7STX
  3. Danny Scrilla x Om Unit – Hunch (Epoch Remix)
  4. Danny Scrilla – X (VIP)
  5. Moresounds – Sound Bizness
  6. EAN – I Bus’ The Mic
  7. Boxcutter – Active Transformation 2 (Feat. Star Fu)
  8. Danny Scrilla x Epoch – Geometry
  9. Om Unit x Danny Scrilla – Gentrification


Om Unit Presents Cosmology. 9 tracks showcasing a new wave of beat production in the realm of Cosmic Bridge
& label head Om Unit’s signature “slow/fast” sound.

Curated by Om Unit for his Cosmic Bridge imprint the compilation features tracks from the first wave of Cosmic
Bridge artists and includes 3 collaborations with label head Om Unit.

In 2 short years Cosmic Bridge has released material from Om Unit, Kromestar and Boxcutter and has given us
Moresounds, EAN and Danny Scrilla; who after making their debuts for the label have gone on to make waves.

Unifying the Cosmic Bridge sound the compilation features grime and dubstep kingpin Kromestar’s blend of deep
dubstep romance and road­raw sci­fi boogie, Moresound’s digi­dub and soundsystem modulations, former
Various Production lynchpin EAN’s rapidfire darkstyles and deft footwork jungle chops, Boxcutter’s lush fusions of
Footwork and Electronica, Danny Scrilla’s forays into the unnamed airspace between dreadnought dub, halftime
footwork & O.G ’06 Dubstep and two appearances from Keysound’s experimentalist 140bpm updater Epoch.

Highlights include a VIP version on Danny’s Scrilla legendary ‘X’, Danny’s  collab with Om Unit on ‘Gentrification’
featuring the unwitting Giles from Foxton’s Estate agency in Brixton plus Om Unit’s jungle referencing collab with
Moresounds, the long waited release of Kromestar’s highly sought dub ‘V7STX’ and Epoch’s revisiting of Om Unit &
Danny Scrilla’s ‘Hunch’.

Om Unit’s A&R sensibilities and his focus in pushing boundaries show in Cosmology’s curation. Representative
the label’s catalogue, the diversity of styles on show across these nine tracks is unified by the talent of the
producers involved.

Preview // Boxcutter to drop Gnosis EP on Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge



Released: 16 December 2013


1. Not The End Of The World
2. Dream Gator (with Ken & Ryu)
3. Daylight Saving
4. Gno515
5. Tibetan Metastate
6. Dream Gator (with Ken & Ryu) (Drums mix)



Erik Davis’ TechGnosis was a landmark book upon its release in 2004,  presenting an original perspective on technoculture, tracking the mystical impulses behind the human obsession with tech. Erik continues his thoughts on his web journal here. Combine this with the music of Om Unit and Machinedrum and you have the influences behind the new Boxcutter EP, out in December on Cosmic Bridge.

The label says: “Boxcutter crafted this record in the timeless tradition of  reaching into the crates, seeking to take from vintage library sounds, as much as using his own musical abilities to weave a tapestry that is subtle, forward thinking, but also drawing on classic musical tropes found in his work as “The Host” incorporating the theme of Time + Drugs + Memory into his visualisation for the work.”

Keep an ear out for a preview here, where you can also pre-order the vinyl.

Om Unit launches Threads LP with video for The Silence ft Janadu

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 12.09.42

One of the most captivating tracks from Om Unit‘s upcoming debut long player for Civil Music – this is actually the second track on the album and sets the scene for one of the most powerful bodies of work to hit your ears in 2013/14.

Launch party details for Dalston are here.

The album Threads is out on vinyl, CD an digital on 28th October. Pre order signed copies here.


Groovement Podcast: AGENT J // 50CT13


Agent J presents all new music for October – hip hop and beats with a twist of funk ’round the middle. Feedback appreciated!

No talk on this one, just tunes.

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AGENT J // 5OCT13 by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud


Herrotics – Clear Day – Manchester hip hop originators
CeddyJay – Reckless New Brooklyn hope
submerse – Melonkoly (Deft Remix) Project Mooncircle back around
Om Unit – Folding Shadows From forthcoming LP ‘Threads’
Harleighblu – Enough Now Sass and soul from weighty new Tru signing
Herrotics – Vault (ft Dubbul O) Another from the forthcoming album – click to order
Chalk – Morning Teardrops One of the most introspective from TNC rapper Chalk’s debut
submerse – Melonkoly (Elaquent Remix) Another from the PMC release
Master Plan Inc – Try It, You’ll Like It Undiscovered until recently on Jazzman
The Poets Of Rhythm – More Mess On My Thing LEGENDARY funk – archive out now on Daptone
Samiyam – Pandas Ridiculous. New on Stones Throw
Jonwayne – Find Me in the Future As is this. Groovement interview soon
ThisisDA – Lifers Manc hip hop with a global view produced by Mankub
Fulgeance – Stupido Eagerly awaiting new album ‘Cubes’
Voodoo Black – Off The Map Sick Manc trio, grab the EP
Lasertom – Maelstrom Blade Runner disco
SUBCULTURE SAGE – Childhood Studio One riddim!
Disclosure – F For You (Onra Remix) More Onra than Disclosure
Machinedrum – U Still Lie Epic one from the Ninja Tune release
Big War – 10 billion Generic Greeting homeboy

1:48 : 10

Clear Soul Forces – Continue From new album Gold PP7s – initial track on here but great closing track for the podcast.


Thanks for listening! Any and all feedback appreciated.



Preview // Om Unit: Threads



  1. Folding Shadows
  2. The Silence feat. Jinadu
  3. Healing Rain
  4. Jus Sayin’ feat. Gone the Hero
  5. Drift Interlude
  6. Reverse Logic
  7.  Corridor 2013
  8. Nagual
  9. Patients feat. MC Jabu
  10. Deep Sea Pyramid
  11. Wall of Light
  12. Jaguar
  13. Wicker and Pearl
  14. Governer’s Bay
  15. The Road feat. Charlie Dark

To say the debut long player from Jim Coles is eagerly awaited would be an understatement. Although he’s been busy making waves with his Cosmic Bridge label (seeing stunning releases from the likes of Kromestar, EAN, Danny Scrilla and Moresounds, he’s still found time to release on Metalheadz, Exit and the home for this album, Civil Music. Read on for the press release…

Pre order the vinyl and CD here.


Threads is the debut album from London producer Om Unit, to be released on Civil Music on 28th Oct 2013.

While this is a debut full length for Om Unit, real name Jim Coles, it is in fact the producer’s fourth studio album, following from work in the 2000s under the name 2tall. Having reset the clock on his artistic output in 2010, Coles has spent the past three years refining a unique sound as Om Unit via collaborations with Machinedrum on Planet Mu, releases on Goldie’s Metalheadz, dBridge’s Exit Records and Civil Music, his own Cosmic Bridge label and the short-lived Phillip D. Kick alias that fleshed out the links between Chicago’s footwork, jungle and slow/fast. The confluence of all this work takes full flight on Threads.

Across its fifteen tracks Threads articulates Om Unit’s musical journey from his beginnings to the present. It references his hip hop background, in the swung out, hypnotic headnod of ‘Wall of Light’ and the positive message of ‘Just Sayin’’, a collaboration with the mysterious Gone The Hero, (who will be stepping out of the shadows on Jneiro Jarel’s Label Who imprint in 2014,) and touches on the music that has impacted him in recent years such as dubstep, the bassweight of which anchors the album. Dubstep’s influence is most obvious in the eyes-down roller ‘Nagual’ and the deeply emotive ‘The Silence’ featuring vocalist Jinadu. There are also hints of slow-mo house’s chug, a sound Coles first experimented with upon taking the Om Unit name. It’s this slow groove that drives the spellbinding ‘Patients’ featuring Young Echo’s MC Jabu, who gives life to the beat with poetic raps, and it’s also central to the 2013 reworking of ‘The Corridor’, a track from the first Om Unit release. Here Coles slows the original’s key elements down even further while managing to keep all the slow moving, hypnotic magic of the original.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the album is grounded in Coles’ junglistic roots, a relationship that has driven much of his recent output and DJ work. Here it takes on its most refined form yet, equally apparent throughout but obviously manifested on the most dancefloor friendly tracks: ‘Jaguar’, ‘Wicker and Pearl’ and ‘Governer’s Bay’. These three tracks close the album but not before one more parting shot, the deeply meaningful ‘The Road’ featuring London’s urban poet, and legend, Charlie Dark.

A key part of the Threads experience is how the tracklisting presents the music, balancing introspective and energetic moments, instrumental and vocal. While stand out moments can be picked, as they are sure to, Threads is an album that works best when the listener lets him or herself be guided by its creator.

It is perhaps cliché for a label to claim that their next release is a standout, or even a classic, record yet Coles’ maturation as a producer over the past decade has allowed him to synthesise all these influences and references into something coherent and unique that takes the listener on a personal yet accessible journey. As such Threads truly feels like it has that classic potential.

“The road is selfish and the road can be hard, the road can be long, the road can be far / The road will mean struggle, the road will leave scars, the road requires wisdom, the road requires truth / The road will never care about the fire in the booth” – Charlie Dark, from Om Unit – Threads LP, track 15 ‘The Road’


Preview // Om Unit: Grey Skies Over Chicago on Metalheadz

om grey


The long awaited Metalheadz 12″ from Om Unit is about ready to drop, with a release date of 2nd September 2013.

It’s three tracks, those being

1 – Sleepwalkers

2 – Grey Skies Over Chicago

3 – The Hand

Available to pre order on wax and digital at Metalheadz.

Groovement chatted to Om Unit a while back here.

Preview: Kromestar releases Rhythm On My Mind c/w X Files on Cosmic Bridge



Unbelievably, it’s been nearly a year since we last heard from Om Unit’s well good Cosmic Bridge records. This is a brand new Kromestar release, on full colour 10″ vinyl with hand drawn art from Melancholy. It’ll also be available as a two track digital release.

Kromestar can also be heard pushing sample-based rap production via his Immortxlz Project alongside Jason X, and building his own imprint Nebula Music alongside his Team Starfleet cohorts into 2014.

ARTIST: Kromestar

RELEASE: Rhythm On My Mind / X Files

LABEL: Cosmic Bridge


Buy at… cosmicbridgerecs.com