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DOWNLOAD: The Gaslamp Killer Resident Advisor Mix

This is one for the beat fiends. The MFGLK brings the noise to Resident Adivsor’s 329th guest mix with a selection of unreleased, underground, and unknown beats spanning from decades past, right up until a minute ago. The mix begins with some ruthless LA bass and finishes with a number of tracks from his debut album Breakthrough, which dropped today (buy it). I’m just hoping someone can piece together a tracklist and enlighten me to some of the low-end-heavy shit just exploded through my headphones throughout the last 45 minutes. Then again, there’s definitely beauty in the mystery of it.

Download the mix here. You need to sign up as a Resident Advisor member (it’s free), but it’s well worth it for this mix.

Check the Killer’s encounters with groovement here and here.

Preview: KUTMAH // Worldwide Family Vol 2

This is the comp Kutmah and I were chatting about during our last interview in Sheffield (below – hear a few cheeky snippets in there too).

It’s out March 26th on vinyl, digi and CD, and there’s a launch event on the 9th in London – artwork below the track listing.

01 – Mo Kolours – “Ridda Mountain”
02 – Groundislava – “Creeper Shit”
03 – ESMK – “Blunt Hopes”
04 – Seven Davis Jr. – “Thanks”
05 – Slugabed – “Sex”
06 – Sam Irl & Ritornell – “Three”
07 – Dibia$e – “Remind Me Somethin'”
08 – Hudson Mohawke – “Are You Feelin’ Hot”
09 – Tehbis – “Higher”
10 – Lapti – “Leaving Home”
11 – Shash’U – “LA”
12 – The Darkhorsemen – “Taking Over Empires”
13 – Samiyam – “Medallion”
14 – Mono/Poly – “With Grace”
15 – Bruce Haack – “Ancient Mariner (Jonwayne Remix)”
16 – Tadd Mullinix – “Exchanging Modes”
17 – Flying Lotus – “Samsfav”
18 – Dakim – “Typeofblue”
19 – Doc Daneeka & Abigail Wyles – “Tobyjug”
20 – Gaby Hernandez – “Twin Flame”
21 – fLako feat Dirg Gerner – “Lonely Town”

Groovement Podcast: FALTY DL / JONNY DUB

It’s that ‘time of the month’ again for Jonny Dub as the Hoya Hoya takeover hits yer ears (Illum Sphere’s playing in Brataslava). FALTY DL joins us at Unity Radio along with his MPD for a taste of how he smashed the Roadhouse the night before. Also on the luxurious Unity couches we had Blue Daisy, HussainDeyn and man like xxxy, who we’ll get along for a session this summer.

Click the image to download the podcast. Also available on iTunes for a limited time (but give it a few hours to upload!)

Jonny Dub and Illum Sphere present HOYA:HOYA at the Roadhouse, Manchester, last Saturday of each month.

Don’t forget the GASLAMP KILLER at a one-off Hoya bonus mission this Wednesday! Details below…

L-R xxxy, Blue Daisy, HussainDeyn, Jonny Dub, Falty DL, The Man With No Name

Jonny Dub

Groovement Spectrorective of 2009: Comp to Download

Click to download like
Click to download like

Happy New Year etc! Twas beautiful round here (I write this 2 hours into 2010) with fireworks and lanterns filling the skies of Sheffield from all different directions. Good look.

It was with some trepidation that I started putting together a compilation to showcase some of the artists that have featured on the show this year: without the names below and a whole lot more, Groovement would not have grown the way it has. A humungous thank you to anyone and everyone who has uttered the magic word GROOVEMENT! in 2009 and helped us grow!

In the end I stopped worrying and just threw a load of ace tunes together. So it’s a look back at some of the artists that have crossed the drawbridge of Castle Groovement this year, with a hearty thanks to all!

TODDLA T Where Mi Key Deh? (ft Mr Versatile)
CROWHEAD Super 8-Bit Disco
PAUL WHITE Burnt by the Sun
MR OIZO $tunt$ (Flying Lotus Remix)
NOTORIOUS BIG Suicidal Thoughts (Danny Drive Thru Rework)
RAS G Come Down (2 Earth)
ONRA Come Closer (Kicks & Claps Edit)
MAYER HAWTHORNE Green Eyed Love (Classixx Remix)
GIZELLE SMITH June (TM Juke Remix)

>Toddla T / Where Mi Keh Deh (ft Mr Versatile) (1965)

toddla 1

Skanky Skanky, T’s debut album, was launched to glowing praise from blog and broadsheet alike. Toddla has continued to swell and he’s ending 2009 on a jolly: he saw in Christmas Day on Radio 1 and plays Fabric for New Year’s. If he keeps on saving up he should be able to fund Park Hill flats’ resurrection single handedly. Groovement chatted to Toddla when he played Futuresonic at Urbis with Daedelus and Hudson Mohawke. Will publish that one in the New Year, but Keaney was on photo duties below.

Groovement Interview: Toddla T forthcoming

>Crowhead / 8-Bit Disco (Atic)
The first of two tracks from Christian Wood AKA Woody AKA The Nudge AKA CROWHEAD on this compilation: Born With Teeth was the album, released on ATIC records out of the ashes of Grand Central, so to speak. Download the two glorious podcast below and be subject to an education in music and warmth from the man himself.

Groovement Podcast: Crowhead 2008
Groovement Podcast: Crowhead 2009

>Kidkanevil / Megajoy (First Word)
Title sums it all up really (as opposed to Master System Joy, which could have been an alt title for Mr Wood’s venture) – a blissful ode to video gaming of the old skool. Basho Basho, LP number three, is out imminently.

Kidkanevil Public Service Announcement Mix for the Good People at Groovement
Groovement Podcast: Kidkanevil x Brackles x Illum Sphere

>Daedelus / LA Nocturn (Magical Porperties)

Thanks to Hoya Hoya links Daedelus has become somewhat of a Groovement regular. Check the links below – I don’t think I need to say how much he fulfills your image of a true gentleman. Always humble, always polite, always ready to entertain with his magician’s box of tricks.

young team
glk daedelus

Groovement Interview: Daedelus

Groovement Podcast: Daedelus / Gaslamp Killer / Jonny Dub / Illum Sphere
Groovement Podcast: Daedelus Live at Hoya Hoya 2008
Daedelus also appears briefly on Brackles’ podcast

>Paul White / Burnt By The Sun (One Handed Music)

Speaking of blissful, the gently spoken Paul White rode ashore to visit Hoya Hoya (Illum Sphere and Jonny Dub’s club night in Manchester) and played a rare northern DJ set. The Strange Dreams of Paul White came out in a pillowcase, unfortunately sans any personal dribble from the man himself.

Groovement Interview: Paul White

>Brackles / Get A Job (Apple Pips)
Sir Brackles of Hertfordshire skydived into Unity Towers for a midmonth Hoya one-off, showcasing his pioneering tunage in a show with Kidkanevil and Illum Sphere providing cover fire.

Groovement Podcast: Brackles x Kidkanevil x Illum Sphere

>Illum Sphere / Psycho (Fat City Recordings)

This seems to be the breakthrough tune from the Sphere, with the second EP it hails from not even physically released at time of writing. It’s been played on Radio 1 by underground Wonder Woman Mary Ann Hobbes and some other bloke and has a bassline to blow dry your cat with, sprinkled caringly with a most beautiful ice-cavey style melody and ending with a bloody phaser. Ace. Illum’s support of Groovement has been out of this world: half the guests I’ve had on just wouldn’t have come anywhere near without his help.

Groovement Podcast: Illum Sphere August 2009
Groovement Podcast: Illum Sphere with Brackles and Kidkanevil
Groovement Podcast: Illum Sphere with Sneaky
And he’s on loads more too – have a dig by searching in the search box.

>Mr Oizo / Stunts (Flying Lotus Remix) (White)

An interview where we talked about comics and animation, and I found out Fly Lo wasn’t too keen on Spider-Man. The Mint Lounge survived the aural assault on this night from his performance, but I’ve heard its structural integrity has been called into question owing to the PHATNESS of it.
fly lo1

Groovement Interview: Flying Lotus

>The Motherfucking Gaslamp Killer / Anything Worse (Brainfeeder)

Non-compromising yet polite, deep yet manic, the GLK honoured Groovement with a big friendly chat about Manchester’s digging scene (Finders Keepers) and some insight into LA’s Low End Theory fallout.

Groovement: Gaslamp Killer Interview

>Notorious BIG / Suicidal Thoughts (Drive Thru Rework) (Unreleased)

A really dear friend of Groovement’s, DDThru is about to drop his Virtua version of Ante Up on Fat City’s PRODUCERS #2 album. Constantly at work on new beatage and pushing himself further, look out for more from Drive Thru in the coming months

Groovement Podcast: Danny Drive Thru
Groovement 2nd Birthday Podcast featuring Danny Drive Thru

>Ras G / Come Down (2 Earth) (Brainfeeder)

A lot of heads picked up on this interview (ok, tweeted about) as revealing some of the origins of the LA beat scene. Ras is pretty forthcoming, pulling us into his own cosmos (especially impressive as we were in Illum Sphere’s very tidy bedroom). A nice accompaniment to the Fly Lo and GLK missives.

Groovement Interview: Ras G

>The Mouse Outfit / Break Of Dawn (Unreleased)


The Mouse Outfit, 8-headed funk monster with a hip hop tinge in the form of rappers Ragman and D Dot X, are spiralling towards wider recognition in 2009. Combining spiffing musicianship with lyrical dexterity, the Mice recently performed three songs live on Groovement and acted a selectas for the Christmas show.

Groovement Christmas Special: The Mouse Outfit (plus videos)
Groovement Podcast: Chini (The Mouse Outfit)

>Onra / Come Closer (Favourite Recordings)
>Onra Vs Method Man/Redman (Dappa Dubs Remix)

Humble and reserved, Parisian powerhouse Onra has a lot coming up in 2010, most soonish a dub project which you can preview on his Soundcloud (from whence you can also hear the above Meth mash up by Dappa Dubs). Read more below! Massive big ups to MIND ON FIRE for getting him over. Good move. This track’s one of my favourite from 1.0.8.

Groovement Interview: Onra

>Ghostface Killah and DOOM / Chinatown Wars
I think this joint (produced by Oh No) is from a GTA game of the same name, correct me if I’m wrong? Whatever, Ghost was personable and polite, willing to have a natter despite the pizza and groupies calling his name. My only concern was the lack of knowledge of the El Michels Affair, who Ghost had sampled for Musings to Myself and Shakey Dog featuring Lolita.

Groovement Interview: Ghostface Killah


>Shape Of Broad Minds: Let’s Go (Lex Records)
What was meant to be a speedy transatlantic phone interview turned into an hour of viberian experience with the multi-talented and multi-faceted prince of his area, Jneiro Jarel aka Shape Of Broad Minds. This is an older track from the Broad Minds album rather than from the more recent Willie Isz LP, but it’s a monster.

Groovement Interview: Jneiro Jarel

>Mayer Hawthorne /Green Eyed Love (Classixx Remix) / Stones Throw

The new boy when on tour early in March, Mayer was taking a break from band performances to spin some 45s at the Deaf Institute in Manchester. As lovely as you’d expect him to be. Last seen shaking his booty in that Snoop/Soulja Boy video. This is a sublime remix of the final track on his debut album, released as a B side to the single.

Groovement Interview: Mayer Hawthorne

>Dam Funk / Sunset (Stones Throw)

One for those that bought Toeachizown and are unsure where to go next, Sunset does it for me everytime. It oozes a number of things, not least the sun going down over the city as I drive along a warm windy road into nothingness… and I don’t even drive. If this was a drink, it would be a very expensive cocktail, ya dig? Dam’s been chosen as number 3 album of the year by Piccadilly Records, a great coup and good payback for masses of work he’s put into his music.

Groovement Interview: Dam Funk

>Crowhead /ECM (Atic)

One of Rob Luis’ (Tru Thoughts) top tunes of the year, continuing the sublime tip and taking it to another level. Woody shines through in a bout of melancholia.

Groovement Podcast: Crowhead 2008
Groovement Podcast: Crowhead 2009

>Gizelle Smith / June (TM Juke remix) (Record Kicks)

And for dessert… a 45 released by Italian label record kicks, independent of Gizelle’s own debut album release proper on Mocambo/Legere Records where she is backed up by the Mighty Mocambos. Gizelle appeared on one of the first editions of Groovement back in December 2007 and will certainly be jumping back on board upon their debut performances in early 2010. Classic funk with sassy attitude, June’s an emotive jumper-upper with a killer hook.

Groovement Podcast forthcoming

>Jazzanova ft Paul Randolph / Let Me Show You (Sonar Kollektiv)

Band on the Wall was graced with a two-night residency of the SOUL incarnation of Jazzanova, with Detroit songbird (in a blokey sense) Paul Randolph layering on the lushness. This was one of the highlights of a set which really made me hear the power behind BOTW’s new sound system. Spine tingling.

Groovement Interview: Jazzanova and Paul Randolph

Groovement: Daedelus X Gaslamp Killer X Hoya Hoya

Click to download!
Click to download!

Well, well, well… a couple of weeks after joining us in the studio with Brackles, Daedelus returns to our humble Manchester studio with a special friend in tow in the form of the MotherFucking Gaslamp Killer.

Jonny Dub of Hoya Hoya kicks us off with some typical Hoya fatness before Daedelus digs out his UK purchases and spins us some scratchy vinyl. Gaslamp drops some ill and upfront shit from his iPhone while Illum Sphere gets a late train in to finish us off.

MONSTER of a show, and a direct result of Hoya KILLING it at the Warehouse Project the night before. The only way is up, gentlemen.

Originally broadcast on www.UnityRadio.fm on Sunday 25th October 2009.

Groovement: Daedelus X Gaslamp Killer [Hoya Hoya takeover] by groovementradio

Gaslamp versus Dandy
Gaslamp versus Dandy
Daedelus Dub Gaslamp
Daedelus Dub Gaslamp

Groovement Crew
Groovement Crew
group shot 1

Soundcloud not working?

FLYING LOTUS x GASLAMP KILLER exclusive interviews

Thanks to the mans like Illum Sphere and Jonny Dub, Groovement landed these two LA hipsters in front of its microphone back in April: Gaslamp was playing fastbecominglegendary club night Hoya Hoya together with Sean Vinylment of Finders Keepers at the Roadhouse in Manchester, while FlyLo was visiting the Mint Lounge on a Monday night in an event put on by Hit n Run, Hoya Hoya and New Bohemia.

A little warning: the FL interviews swerves into deep geek territory. If you’re averse to videogames and comics, turn away after the first twenty minutes…

Pizza munchin mother fuckers

Pizza munchin’ motherfuckers…
Forbidden Planet is CLOSED!

Forbidden Planet is CLOSED!

Download by clicky.