DOWNLOAD: The Gaslamp Killer Resident Advisor Mix

This is one for the beat fiends. The MFGLK brings the noise to Resident Adivsor’s 329th guest mix with a selection of unreleased, underground, and unknown beats spanning from decades

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Groovement Podcast: FALTY DL / JONNY DUB

It’s that ‘time of the month’ again for Jonny Dub as the Hoya Hoya takeover hits yer ears (Illum Sphere’s playing in Brataslava). FALTY DL joins us at Unity Radio

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Groovement Spectrorective of 2009: Comp to Download

GROOVEMENT SPECTRORECTIVE 2009 Happy New Year etc! Twas beautiful round here (I write this 2 hours into 2010) with fireworks and lanterns filling the skies of Sheffield from all different

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A decade of Flying Lotus: free mix from the Gaslamp Killer

A Christmas present from Brainfeeder, a soaring retrospective of the work of Steven Ellison. If you haven’t checked Groovement’s encounter with both of the above, listen here.

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Groovement: Daedelus X Gaslamp Killer X Hoya Hoya

Well, well, well… a couple of weeks after joining us in the studio with Brackles, Daedelus returns to our humble Manchester studio with a special friend in tow in the

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FLYING LOTUS x GASLAMP KILLER exclusive interviews

Thanks to the mans like Illum Sphere and Jonny Dub, Groovement landed these two LA hipsters in front of its microphone back in April: Gaslamp was playing fastbecominglegendary club night

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