Groovement Podcast: FALTY DL / JONNY DUB

It’s that ‘time of the month’ again for Jonny Dub as the Hoya Hoya takeover hits yer ears (Illum Sphere’s playing in Brataslava). FALTY DL joins us at Unity Radio along with his MPD for a taste of how he smashed the Roadhouse the night before. Also on the luxurious Unity couches we had Blue Daisy, HussainDeyn and man like xxxy, who we’ll get along for a session this summer.

Click the image to download the podcast. Also available on iTunes for a limited time (but give it a few hours to upload!)

Jonny Dub and Illum Sphere present HOYA:HOYA at the Roadhouse, Manchester, last Saturday of each month.

Don’t forget the GASLAMP KILLER at a one-off Hoya bonus mission this Wednesday! Details below…

L-R xxxy, Blue Daisy, HussainDeyn, Jonny Dub, Falty DL, The Man With No Name

Jonny Dub


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