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Interview: DJ Yoda previews Breakfast of Champions at Band on the Wall

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 20.17.38This Friday night will see the culmination of a week’s residency between DJ Yoda and a lucky team of collaborators working at Band on the Wall. Potential partners were asked to apply for the residency, but places were already cemented for Manc rappers Truthos Mufasa (Ape Cult), Sparkz (Voodoo Black) together with Rex Domino.

Find details on the collaborators and keep an eye on the process over at Brighter Sound. Day One is already up here.

I caught up with Yoda ahead of this weekend’s performance. All pics of participants are by Brighter Sound.

Buy tickets for the event over at BOTW.

Pic: Brighter Sound
Pic: Brighter Sound


Breakfast of Champions is gonna be the start of a movement… 


First off, this is an unusual project in the grand scheme of things – have you done anything similar in the past?

I’ve always tried to work on interesting collaborations – from orchestras to beatboxers to brass bands – but this is the first time I’ve actually put together a band from scratch to make original music. It’s a lot more work, but also much more satisfying!

Alan Keary

Claire Northey


Gareth Rowntree

Who’s behind the project? Why do you think they approached you in particular?

Band On The Wall in Manchester put on an “artistic residency” once a year (here’s a little info on last year’s with Snarky Puppy)- they approached me and asked if I’d be interested in putting together a band. I can’t say why! It’s an interesting idea to have a DJ be the driving force behind something that sounds musically bigger than just playing records.

Were you integral in deciding on your collaborators or are their talents going to be a surprise?

I was absolutely integral. They put a call-out to emerging musicians, and we had tonnes of interest. So I then had this “X-Factor”-style day up in Manchester where I whittled the selection down to the kind of group I would like to work with.

George FellJacob BrookmanJames Breen

How are you preparing? What form will the final performance take or is that a complete unknown at this point?

I’ve produced an EP’s worth of music that we will translate to a live band performance, and then we plan on creating about the same amount again of totally original music during a week’s jamming, rehearsing and drinking tea.

What are the overall objectives of the project?

To do something different and new! That’s pretty much the goal with everything I try.

Have you had a chance to meet Sparkz, Truthos and Rex yet? How will your relationship with them play out over the five days?

Yep I put these guys together from the start, and we’ve been working on music all this time – I’m really excited about getting to share the results of these sessions!

Sparkz, backed up by Dubbul O, David Insua-Cao and yours truly a couple of years back at In The Loop.

Why should we come and check out the gig?

Because there’s a lot of people working together to make something really unique – Breakfast of Champions is gonna be the start of a movement!

Johnny BursnellMaya LadNeal CoghlanPhil Davids


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Download: Run The Jewels enlist Jones from Police Academy for Oh My Darling Don’t Cry #RTJ2

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 19.35.31Having received the nicest promo email in the world from El-P and Killer Mike earlier today, announcing pre-orders of RTJ2, I’m proper excited for the release of the album.

Adult Swim have a preview of the LP (no pun intended) on their Soundcloud with a free download of Oh My Darling Don’t Cry, and it’s fat as fook (and also features robot voice from Police Academy’s Michael Winslow aka Jones).

RTJ2 will be released on October 27/28 – this time on Nas’s Mass Appeal label.

The duo hit Manchester on 11 December at Gorilla – check tour dates here.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 19.35.19

You can pre-order the album, including a number of exclusive, one-off bonus packages (I’m going for The Meow The Jewels package – Run The Jewels will re-record RTJ2 using nothing but cat sounds for music. You are free to profit from this album in any way you see fit up to 100k in net global profit or 3 years).

The album will also be a free download at the same link – but you know you want the vinyl.

Keep your peepers on


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Download: 1991 – 199X EP from Chile’s Dilema Industria

Región Metropolitana, Chile

Dreamy  lo-fi beats on 1991’s (aka Daniel Klauser) debut EP for Chile’s  Dilema Industria, infleunced by recent trips to Colombia, Switzerland and Germany.

Download – also download from Bandcamp


WAHDIG47 1800

New Music: Paper Tiger release Laptop Suntan Remixed ft SertOne, Werkha, LV, Murder He Wrote, Scrimshire and an anagram

Sultan Ant Pop is Laptop Suntan remixed, or indeed anagramised, and is out now. The space jazz/hip hop/blip hop outfit combine live band expertise with killer production, and released their debut long player on Wah Wah 45s last year.

This, then, is the sequel. containing not only remixes but new original music too.

Go and buy it (listen below), and look for them gigging near you in the next few months.

Also check out this improvised live mixtape, Sonic Boom Head Zoom 2.


Download: Aphotic mix for Astral Black

aphotikThis is EXACTLY my kind of mix. No pretensions and no bullshit (and no house…), just out and out great tunes – spaced out weirdy sounds with plenty of hip hop, a smattering of footwork and plenty of soul.

Expect Julianna Barwick,Ash Ra TempelTehbisEdan, Batsumi, Budgie (Livin’ Proof)Lamont,Outkast, Michael Anthony, Captain, Triad God and more…

Tell him you love it at his Twitter and follow his Soundcloud.


Aphotik is one of the minds behind killer collective and club night Tempo Clash – keep track of their Soundcloud below!

The homies Astral Black still have their amazing Frass Fm comp available for free download here.

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Diggin’ In The Carts: Unearthing Japan’s video game composers

Every Thursday for the next few weeks (up to Oct 9th), RBMA will be posting a new episode of this documentary series, exploring the legacy and foundation of Japan’s most vital video game music composers. oh no Junkocute This first episode focus on early eighties Nintendo and some of the earliest Famicom/NES games. The likes of Oh No, Flying Lotus, J Rocc, Havoc and Kode 9 add varied levels of  waxing lyrical about musicians such as Junko Ozawa and Hirokazu Tanaka, who in turn reflects on unexpected influences such as Jah Wobble. hip The games Balloon Fight and Wrecking Crew has the rhythm of Sly Dunbar  – Hirokazu Tanaka

Oh yeah…

Check his cartography (?) here.

Props to producers and directors Nick Dwyer and Tu Neill – the film is shot amazingly. I look forward to next week’s instalment. Completing the cycle somewhat, Daisuke Tanabe has composed the theme for the documentary. Watch out for his LP, Floating Underwater, previewed here.


Preview: Hit+Run presents Road Kill Vol 4 ft Esgar, Kidkanevil x DZA, Mono/Poly, Al Dobson Jr, loads more fam


Listen and purchase

Out today, a cheeky bonus release from the Hit+Run crew, who had planned the Road Kill compilation releases to be solely a trilogy.

One of the standout tracks on here has to be this Gojira madness from Kidkanevil and DZA…

Check more from this pair over on the Kaiju EP from Moscow’s how2make label.

There are loads more goodies on the H+R comp obviously, and there’s a limited-to-400 slimline digipack available for those  (like me) quick enough on the draw.

Keep an eye on ongoing events from the South Cali / worldwide Hit+Run crew over on their site.

Download the previous three Road Kill comps on their Bandcamp.

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Download: Michael Jackson – Remember The Time (Bopperson’s 45 at 33RPM remix)

Neil Bopperson (that’s him in the middle) is a mega talented chef, both in the kitchen and in the studio… here he’s been messing about with Jacko to produce a slowed down, synthy version of Dangerous-era smash Remember The Time, reimagined as a right fat little stomper.

This will be pressed up as a 7″ single in the autumn but for now, grab a free download hereRemember-The-Time


Preview Daisuke Tanabe’s new LP Floating Underwater


Sound experimentalist and all-round bad man Daisuke Tanabe has so far previewed two tracks from his new album – Pinebee is infused with jungle while Paper Planes is on some underwater kingdom vibe.

The album, Floating Underwater, will be out on  @Ki-Records / @cat-eat-mosquito on 15 September 2014, on CD, 2×10″ vinyl and digital.


01 Arrow
02 Paper Planes
03 Pinebee
04 Walking Muu
05 Origami
06 Sunny Tunnel
07 Allergy
08 Shopping Mall Super Star
09 Fun Robbery
10 Chugger
11 Rest
12 Blue Rats
13 Cloudy Water
14 Night Fishing
15 Expo