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endless 1st

Manchester: Endless City turns one

  Purveyors of great taste since day one, Endless City reach their first birthday with a celebration at the Mint Lounge. Mind On Fire local legend Dan Nation is spinning, plus pickers of impeccable tunes Heather Wall, Etrea, Copy Kitten and Josh B.  Check Dan’s vib on Mixcloud below: Rotation Policy mix by Dan_Nation on Mixcloud

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chilean juke 1

Chilean Juke Volume 1 from Repotrax / Download bonus track

The Andean juke scene is repp’d in full by Repotrax, today releasing compilation Chilean Juke Volume 1 as a document of what’s going down in Santiago. Repotrax conspirator Gunjack, aka Valentino Roth/Echo Park, moved to Santiago from LA a few years back, and has buried himself deep in the capital’s culture since – from way over here, it looks like not

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Download: The Colonel, Rave Juice mixtape

There’s a duality to The Colonel that goes unspoken – though on the surface he appears to be one of the friendliest DJs you’ll ever meet (why, we shared a Nando’s only last week over smiles), there’s a disturbing dark side you can feel bubbling behind his eyes.   Luckily, he partakes in the catharsis of music and recently transformed

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LEVELZ on Toddla T / 1Xtra / Radio 1

There’s summit been happening in Manchester for a few years now… well, there’s thing been happening there for years I suppose. Shout out Shaun Ryder. Shout out the Gallaghers. And of course… shout out my boy DRS.    But there is a movement up there at the moment, musically, that seems so organic and so natural. Like everything coming out

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Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 21.19.17

Slimkid3 and Nu-Mark record shopping @ Amoeba

This put me in mind of Red Bull’s upcoming RBMA tour in Manchester, where Jazzy Jeff and DJ Premier will be asked to hit Manc record shops to help fuel their night’s set. Hear Slim and Nu-Mark chat about their purchases below. I have the Chilean version of that Turkish psych LP Nu picks up, it’s trippy. Oh, don’t forget

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Muta’s Praise on King Deluxe

Everything on this label is top quality, and visual identity is really important to them. Grab the track here and check more work out form the video’s animator, Titouan Bordeau, here.   PRAISE – MUTA from Titouan BORDEAU on Vimeo.

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Preview DRS, The View ft LSB & Tyler Daley

Released on 2 March, taken from DRS’ Mid Mic Crisis LP, out on Marcus Intalex’s Soul:R label. I believe DRS is also working on some graphic novel action, looking forward to that too…

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Download Donky Pitch remix selection ft Slugabed, Offshore, Lockah, Tokyo Hands

Brighton heads Donky Pitch put out Remixes today, a free comp including Obey City, Mweslee, Slugabed, Ghost Mutt, Locka and Offshore. There’s also a new one on their courtesy of Mount Bank (DP’s newest signing) with his VIP of Starfoxxx’s Bae HD. Enjoy. Download Remixes by Donky Pitch Donky Pitch Facebook Twitter

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