I'm from Taiwan...love jazz hip hop..if u guys have any problem..just send me a mail! :D

DISCO 2 – Living Soul #3 preview

Disco 2 is a producer from Japan.His compositions include strongly soul and dance music. Owner label http://kitamibros-records.com/ Check his 3rd track in his upcoming album.Released by IntroDucing! Production. Information from

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Download: Hy-Definition – The Voices

Here cames out a new EP from Hy-Definition’s producers SoulChef and Lyricist K.Wiz. Released by Blue Bottle Records. All these tracks produced by SoulChef. The track samples range from Sam

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Payozo – Back To The Lab

Payozo is one of my favorite producer from Sweden. He been working with K. Sparks and Kid Cudi. He drop a new instrumental track. Check this and enjoy!

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Roots Of Society Records – Advent Vibes

This album is the first compilation that include many producers from Roots Of Society Records. BENEVOLENTvibe, Elyon Beats, Karamel Kel, KKaytoh, BeNeVoLeNcE, Kaleo, Noha Beats, Niazura, Soran Leif, and The

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Praverb the Wyse – Professional Hobbyist

Professional Hobbyist by Praverb the Wyse It’s an old album that i post on my blog. You can get this album from bandcamp.When u heard this album. If u like

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Dex Amora – Whats Ya Motivation? (prod. by DJ Ezasscul)

    Dex Amora is a young rapper from Blue Bottle Records. This track is his first time collab with DJ Ezasscul. Dex Amora’s EP drop the end of this

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