Exclusive Stream: SEEK THE NORTHERNER x DJ WOODY x DJ RASP // The Warning

Seek The Northerner continues to hold it down for pie eaters both actual and spiritual, and has seen fit to bless Groovement (northern through and through) with this exclusive preview of his forthcoming album on Killamari Records. Bang-er.

DJ WOODY (scratches) / SEEK THE NORTHERNER (words) / DJ RASP (beat)

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The video for Local Legend if you never caught it:


  • Ell G

    Amazing mate, loving the beat, lyrics and rythm, reminds me of the raw energy of the first album 🙂 keep it up brothers!!

  • gerome k

    your not Gee zuss..your just some fella….slopin round corra..this nationz not lisenin ..to some random child ..brought up on stoops ..forra while ..ya lyric gotme good ..ya graphics too…but no dog shit ..slippin on ma shoe…lik it boyz…..

  • resin8ths

    Looovin’ the flow… what more can I say, Top Billing!

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