Groovement: Liam Q (Beat Boutique)

Liam Q has been a longtime friend of Groovement since he first came off the boat a few years ago with Beat Boutique nought but a mishcievious twinkle in his Northern Irish eyes. Since then the Boutique has gone from strength to strength in Manchester with a plethora of true soul heads guest DJing. Liam’s deep knowledge of soul saw him graduate from running the Belfast Soul Club to being sought after as a soul DJ for Duffy’s first major tour, while he has know set up the Chorlton Soul Club in Manchester as a more intimate original 45s sessions.

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June (TM Juke remix) / Gizelle Smith / Record Kicks
You Hit The Spot Baby / Gloria Walker and the Chevelles / Flaming Arrow
Take Inventory / The Isley Brothers / T Neck
You’re Doing With Her When It Should Be With Me / Rhetta Hughes / Tetragrammaton Records
You Took My Heart / James Brown / Polydor
Easy Lover / Spanky Wilson / 20th Century Records & Westbound
You Can Be A Star / Luther Davis Group / Soul Cal
Disco Function / Rare Function / Soul Unlimited
One Day / Kings Go Forth / Mr C Records
Satisfy My Hunger / Gloria Soul / Golden Records
I’m Gonna Love You A Little Bit More, Baby / Kellee Patterson/ Shady Break
Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love / Odyssey / Mowest
Supermarket / Pete Dunaway / Som Livre
My Precious Love / Gloria Walker / People
Baby / The Phenomenal Handclap Band / Truth & Soul
I Can’t Move No Mountains / Margie Joseph / Atlantic
How Can I Go On Without You / John Edwards / Kent Select
Midnight Affair / Sandra Wright / Demon Records
Fifteen Cent Love / Albert Jones / Kapp
Jo Anne Garrett / That Little Brown Letter / Duo Records
I Don’t Know How / The Superlatives / Westbound
My Conversation / Slim Smith (& The Uniques) / Techniques
A New Day Dawning / Bobby Smith / (A Nation is Born LP, A Musical History of the Bahamas)
Forever and A Day / Mel and Tim / Stax
Battened Ships / Odyssey / Mowest
People Wake Up and Live / James Brown / Polydor
I Want To Be Love / Stevens & Foster / Jerri
Magic Corner / Belita Woods / Moira Records
Love / Gladys / O-Gee Records New York
What Have I Got Now / Darrow Fletcher / Jacklyn Records
Stand Up and Be Counted / Getto Kitty / Stroud
Trying to Love Two / Barbara Lynn / Ichiban
Let’s Stay Together / Margie Joseph / Atlantic


Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement

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