News: TODDLA T becomes NINJA

Hopefully bringing Toddla back to the prominence he deserves, news emerges today that T has signed to Ninja Tune. As I’m just back from work, here’s the press release… Since Groovement is of Sheffield origin too, he holds a ‘special’ place in our hearts. Here’s a stunning shot you can print out and place above your bedside. Check a track from debut album SKANKY SKANKY on Groovement’s 2009 review here.

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Ninja Tune are pleased and proud to announce that last week they signed producer, DJ, Radio 1 face and large-haired youthful Sheffield legend, Toddla T. Toddla has, in the last two years, established himself as one of the key players on the cusp between urban and dance music, with none of the attitude or po-faced seriousness associated with either scene.

As well as 2009’s critically acclaimed album on 1965/Sony, “Skanky Skanky,” Toddla has recently produced for Tinchy Stryder, Bashy and Jammer. He has a regular slot on Radio 1’s In DJs We Trust and DJs all over the world, as well as collaborating with the likes of Hervé, Ross Orton, Diplo and Switch.

Toddla himself says, “I’m so happy with signing with Ninja. Not only have they got a ridiculously good background but they’re such good people and so enthused by me joining. I’m really looking foward to getting stuck into the next album with them as well as working on my Girls Music label alongside them. Dutty!”

Ninja’s head man, Peter Quicke added, “We’re delighted to have added Toddla to our roster. As we approach our twentieth anniversary it’s great to find someone who was four when we started out and yet who shares our original ethos while updating it and making it new again.”

The label has signed Toddla for three albums and sister company Just Isn’t Music takes control of his publishing. As Toddla himself makes clear, Ninja Tune will also assist with distribution, manufacture and marketing for his own Girl’s Music imprint.


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