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I thought it was about time Groovement put a compilation together – the call was put out and many answered. I hope you love it as much as I do. Infinite thanks to all contributors.



Compiled by Agent J
Artwork by Will Berry

J Devious – More Dust
Danny Drive Thru – Why Do It Like That, Though?
Cheech & Aver – DanQuest
Mute Speaker ft Vex – Jet Set Radio
Seymour (prod. Pro P) – Desperate People
Depakote – Space Rachet
Laurie Anderson – Born, Never Asked (Northern Comfort Rework)
Big War – Lucky Cloud In Exile
The Spiceman – Whistle Back
Paper Tiger – Replicant Funk
The Colonel ft J-Poet – Dem Ah Holla
Alpha Stronggah – What You Say
Big War – Lony
Mecca 83 – Eternally
Jesse Futerman – Once Again, For Horace
J-Felix – Lady T
Figure Of Wax – (I’m Gonna) Start Again
Lost Twin – Climber
Neko Neko – Stoned Love
Bobby Esmond – Shake My Hand
V E I L S ft Atari Jones – Turmeric Nightmares
J Devious – Haragudj


Groovement // Volume One compiles music from some of the best underground beatmakers in the UK (and a few raps too), plus contributions from Santiago de Chile, California and Toronto. Compiled by Groovement’s Agent J (aka Jamie Groovement) and released as a free download on the fledgling LabelGroovement, it’s the first in an ongoing series.

Groovement is a website incorporating podcasts and interviews plus links to brand new music from independent artists. Past contributors to the Groovement podcast include the likes of Daedelus, Fingathing, Kutmah, Hoya Hoya and Scrimshire, plus Agent J has interviewed everyone from Ghostface Killah, Chali 2na and Angie Stone to Sharon Jones, Cody Chesnutt and Lee Fields for the site. Have a dig.

First off, thanks for downloading this compilation. I hope you enjoy it – it reflects some of the most creative and non-conformist music around, the sort of stuff you might find on the Groovement podcast and website. Below are some thoughts on each contribution. Groovement exists to push the work of others, so if you like what you hear, please hit people up on their respective networks using #groovementvol1. It goes without saying that this comp wouldn’t exist without the kind contributions of every artist below – thank you! Also a big shout to Will at Generic Greeting for our cover art. 



DJ and producer James Cooper aka Coop hails from Buxton but kicks back in Brighton. More Dust and Hargudj are two of my favourite tracks of his, but there’s a hell of a lot more quality to come from this cheeky young scamp and it was damn hard to choose the tracks from those on offer!

J Devious Soundcloud



Danny has been a staple of the Manc beat scene for over a decade, but isn’t as old as that makes him sound. Perhaps globally best know for his Virtua Ante Up track (included by Kutmah on a Stones Throw podcast and spun by the likes of Thom York at Low End Theory in LA), he’s had releases on Fat City Recordings and the Mind On Fire label. He’s currently readying his own crop of original releases. He’s also a total nerd and great turntablist (being half of Hot Vimto with G-Kut). Our eyes first met over his Optimus Prime hoodie at Sketch City, and we’ve been pals since.

Danny Drive Thru Soundcloud Twitter Facebook



Cheech is one of the cream of the crop of Manchester’s current underground rap explosion. He’s one third of The Bluntskins (together with Pro P and Bill Sykes) and part of the Mothership Connection, and is a true In The Loop (Groovement-affiliated hip hop night) trooper. If he’s not in the cypher, he’s on the dancefloor. Or lying on the stage, passed out. Aver is Joey Average, seen on lamposts everywhere as half of Dayse & Aver but most well known as the producer behind legendary Manchester crew TNC (The Natural Curriculum), who are about to see the long awaited debut album from rapper Chalk drop on wax.

Cheech Twitter

The Bluntskins Facebook Twitter

TNC Facebook Home



It was Rob O’Hara (aka Mute Speaker) who first suggested the idea of a Groovement compilation a few months back, so props to him for this baby. His most recent release, Dripfeeders, was inspired by Jeff Noon’s 1993 novel Vurt, and you can grab it on his Bandcamp. Vex aka Vexation is the emcee for Sheffield’s Renegade Brass Band (and also member of experimental Sheffielders The Legend Of The 7 Black Tentacles), who are fast making a name for themselves given their storming live performances and recent Record Store Day release with Rodney P and Harleighblu on Tru Thoughts. I know him through the frankly amazing Thirsty Ear clubnight down at the Harley in Sheffield – shouts to Easty, Pablo and co.

Mute Speaker Bandcamp Facebook Twitter

Vexation Facebook Twitter Home

Renegade Brass Band Bandcamp Facebook Twitter Home



Seymour hosts and co-ordinates community hip hop night Golden Egg in Manchester and is the rapper in Beatsum. His solo album is dropping soon and here’s a first taste of it, produced by one-man powerhouse Pro P (The Bluntskins).

Seymour Facebook Golden Egg Facebook

Pro P Bandcamp Facebook Twitter




Erik ‘Depakote’ Lopez is a man with an ear and heart for soul – I first heard of him as part of an Isaac Hayes tribute project he was involved with together with the likes of Mr Dibia$e back in the MySp*ce days. He’s a prolific worker, churning out releases as albums. His was the first release on LabelGroovement, the album Random, and he’s also released over at our pals’ label, This City Is Ours. His release The Gummo Album saw him reach wider acclaim and airplay from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs on Radio 1 Experimental. He’s got lots more to come.

Depakote Soundcloud Facebook Twitter




A few years back, Northern Comfort was the blog of choice for discerning Mancunians with a soul leaning – they also managed wicked nights down at The Salutation in Hulme, with heads like Mr Scruff and Illum Sphere spinning regularly. While the blog may be dormant (and in its current form is the hub for NC as a web design company), Rob Dobson is still very much alive and well and it’s an honour to have him contribute to the Groovement comp with this cheeky re-rub of Laurie Anderson’s Born, Never Asked.

Northern Comfort Facebook Home



Rich James, not to be confused with the Superbad Rick James, is part of the amazing Generic Greeting Collective (also see Will Berry, below) who DJs and produces under the moniker Big War. I’ve chosen two of his tracks to grace this compilation, and you’ll hear that they reflect two different aspects of his musical personality. Big War’s sound is what Groovement is all about for me – a refusal to be pigeonholed. I’m not afraid to say that Lucky Clouds… puts me in mind of the illustrious Delia Derbsyhire.

Big War Soundcloud Twitter



Oli Senior was a partner in the recently departed Sounddhism nights in Nottingham, and over the past year or so has been flexing his production muscles. His taste in music is impeccable – he’s a music fan first – and I look forward to hearing his future work.

The Spiceman Soundcloud



Having released on Jus’Like Music and now Wah Wah 45s, Paper Tiger’s reputation continues to grow with their recent pairing with Homeboy Sandman of Stones Throw, The Sting. Although PT also takes the form of a full live band, it’s Greg Surmacz who steers the ship. I interviewed Greg a while back about the journey of Paper Tiger and he threw me a sick mix for the podcast. Listen to both of those here. Replicant Funk sounds like Deckard out on the tiles in Mega City One.

Paper Tiger Bandcamp Soundcloud Facebook Twitter Home



The Colonel is a long time friend from back home in Sheffield. I first came across him in a urinal in the former National Centre for Popular Music – or rather a poster for ‘The Shakedown’, explaining the mélange of sounds I was hearing coming from the DJ booth. It wasn’t until a while later that both he and partner in crime Johnty Del Monte came on the Groovement show on Unity Radio, and returned the favour several times by letting me loose on their own Sheffield based Shakedown radio show. The Colonel continues to DJ across the Steel City and rolls out bangers in his spare time, having released on the likes of Freestyle Records. He’s also a qualified industrial abseiler. Guesting on this joint is

J-Poet, formerly of Hoodz Underground.

The Colonel Soundcloud Facebook Twitter Home

J-Poet Soundcloud




Alpha Stronggah, aka Tecla de Oro, aka Baltazar Solar, is based in Santiago. My mum’s Chilean and it’s great to see that the underground music scene over there is as broad and strong as anywhere else – when she was young music by the likes of Victor Jara was being burned in the streets. I guess this is one of the reasons why it’s always been so important to me. Shouts also to Discos Pegaos, a label which seems to be central to much of this. I’m hoping at some point to get together a UK x Chile EP project off the ground, but that’s still in my head as yet. What You Say is a monster of a track, typical of this guy’s Godzilla attitude to beatmaking.

Alpha Stronggah Soundcloud Facebook Twitter

Tecla de Oro Soundcloud

Discos Pegaos Home



The Quincy Jones of the North West, as far as I’m concerned, and Evan even has the same surname. His most prominent release is the soul-dripped Life Sketches Vol 1 & 2 album, a statement of intent if ever there was one of straight up, honest hip hop instrumentals you wish you’d made yourself. He’s one quarter of the Alexis Davis Project and has worked with Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, Deborah Jordan, one of my all time heroes Jneiro Jarel, Kan Sano and Jesse Futerman. He first released under the name Rise on Futuristica Music and quickly earned himself a reputation as one to watch. Having recently welcomed a baby Mecca into the world, Evan’s letting that sink in before relaunching his Expansions Collective in September.

Mecca 83 Home Bandcamp Facebook Twitter



Introduced to me by Parisian MPC head Fulgeance, I’ve seen Jesse’s reputation grow exponentially over the past couple of years, and deservedly so. I’ve also had the pleasure of being in contact with him over that time, and know that one of his formative albums was Mr Scruff’s Keep It Unreal, which is a nice Manchester link. He’s recently released the final part of his free-to-download trilogy over at Jus’Like Music, and shown off a variety of moods and styles along the way. I believe he’s picking up the BPM pace a little for his next few releases. This one’s a tribute to pianist Horace Silver.

Jesse Futerman Bandcamp Soundcloud Facebook Twitter



Joe Newman is another inhabitant of Brighton, perhaps the most prolific place to be as a beatmaker. He’s recently appeared on One Eye Wide Records’ Fragments Vol. 1 and the Tokyo Dawn release The Boogie Vol. 3 – grab his Green Light EP on Bandcamp.

J-Felix Bandcamp Soundcloud Facebook



My man Tom Speak has had a nice buzz about him the past year or so, and like all the heads on this compilation is more than capable in a range of styles. Another of the Buxton crew (see J Devious), so there was most certainly something in the (non-bottled) water…

Figure of Wax Soundcloud Facebook Twitter



Carlos R Pinto comes from Alcala de Guardaira, a suburb of Seville, but now resides in the much sunnier climes of Brighton. Climber is a creepy and quite forlorn piece – its chords hit me in all the right places. He’s released on First Word, Tru Thoughts and the forward-thinking A Future Without plus been part of RBMA this year. Everything on his Souncloud is sick.

Lost Twin Soundcloud Facebook



One of those beatmakers that always pulls all the right strings for me, I first heard of Neko Neko around the time of his Orange Side Of The Moon project. He’s a well respected bloke and has had tunes out on the Mind On Fire and My First Moth labels. He has some great hats.

Neko Neko Soundcloud  Facebook Twitter Home




Usually seen onstage with Pete Cannon and Dr Syntax, Bobby Esmond has recently started carving out a niche of his own with the release of It’s Not What You Know… Bobby recently visited New York and fulfilled every geek’s dream by getting photos outside Ghostbusters HQ.  

Bobby Esmond Bandcamp Facebook Twitter



Simon Love has collaborated with the likes of San Fran’s Mad Flows and the ridiculous talent that is Alphabet’s Heaven, and I’m chuffed that we have an equally skilled partner present here in the form of Cleveland’s Atari Jones. Simon brings a murky near-close to the compilation with his typical sonic mastery.

V E I L S Soundcloud Twitter

Atari Jones Soundcloud Facebook Twitter



Will is co-founder, illustrator and graphic designer at the Generic Greeting Collective, and I was very chuffed that he did the artwork for this release, because his stuff is sick. Generic Greeting is an amazing initiative for Manchester, check their stuff out below.

Generic Greeting Home Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Bandcamp Video


Manchester heads aplenty at the Sketch City all dayer today in Manchester… the Bench Self Made gallery on Oldham Street is hosting the Sketch City exhibition from now until April 21st. Shouts to the DJs today including Neko Neko, Woli Wols, Danny Drive Thru, In The Loop (us) – Ape Cult and Metrodome jumping up too. Here’re some pics.





Neko Neko fiddlin'

Danny Drive Thru


Manchester’s award winning Sketch City triumphantly returns for a special Easter weekend event and exhibition that combine to celebrate the infamous collective that created an artistic hub for some of the city’s most talented artists. During the launch and open day the Bench Self Made Gallery will see a live mural created by some of Manchester’s finest artists on the gallery walls plus feature workshops that will give anyone and everyone the opportunity to contribute to the exhibition and learn some street art & illustration techniques. Throughout the day there will be a soundtrack supplied by some Of Manchester’s best live music acts & DJ’sThe exhibition will display the work created throughout, plus host a wall of fame, a mini gallery of photo booth images, the time lapse film of the mural being created, in addition to a showcase of professional work from Sketch City artists including Hammo, TW, Benjamino, Krek, Eightbit, Tea One, Lispencie and many more to be announced.

For more information on this and other exhibitions/events:

Groovement Premiere: ELLIS MEADE // I Do Not Follow

Ellis Meade emerges from the lab to reveal a new, self-directed video for I Do Not Follow and Groovement is ecstatic to premiere it. Recalling Apache in its urgency, Meade lays down the law for you lot.

Ellis, aka L Digz, was one of the first beatmakers/rappers I got to know through our community orientated hip hop night in Manchester, In The Loop. I’ve seen/heard his work develop steadily, and he continues to push his sound forward, refusing to be pigeonholed into expected hip hop boundaries. The Conceptions mixtape features collaborations with Danny Drive Thru (Fat City Recordings), Dubbul O (Mothership Connection), Kydro (Kydroponics), AGN, Elizabeth, Cheech (Mothership, who also has some new music coming this month), Bricks, Twisted Roots, Legion and Stak One.

CONCEPTIONS MIXTAPE forthcoming: Ellis Meade Bandcamp  or download now on Facebook


DOWNLOAD: EclipsemoonsunVIP – Danny Drive Thru ft. L-Digz


Here’s a free download of something I’ve been meaning to share for ages; the VIP version of Eclipsemoonsun, featuring Ellis Meade AKA L-Digz. I’m really happy with how he approached it, and I’m glad to finally let it out in the open… Hope you likey!

Groovement Podcast: GRAVEMENT – DANNY DRIVE THRU // 30OCT12

Listen on Mixcloud // Podcasted on iTunes // Direct DL: Danny Drive Thru – GRAVEMENT2012

Danny Drive Thru delivers a ghoulish selection just in time for Hallowe’en… he came up with the ‘Gravement’ tag a couple of years back and I’m chuffed he’s found the time to get a podcast together. This one features the likes of Eprom, The Herbaliser, Hot 8 Brass Band, Kutmah, Lorn, plus some Castlevania business. This is still valid past Hallowe’en ’til Bonfire Night, by the way.



Buy Danny Drive Thru releases on Fat City Recordings and Mind On Fire
DDT Twitter is here and Facebook here and blog here

Check last year’s Gravement here: GRAVEMENT // 31OCT11

Art (c) Bill Sienkiewicz 1985

01 Dead Dog Intro
02 Bride Of Crankenstein – Danny Drive Thru
03 Realize You Are Living Dead – Himuro
04 Let The Zombies Loose – Naive Machine
05 Something Wicked (Roots Manuva’s Haunted House Dub) – The Herbaliser
06 Werewolf – Matthew Young
07 Ghost Of Myself – Doris Duke
08 Ghosst – Lorn
09 Ghost Romper Room – DJ Babu
10 Bang Bang – Betty Chung
11 Horror City Terrorists Freestyle – HORROR CITY
12 Vampire Hunter J – J-Live
13 Clash Ghost Dub – Kutmah
14 Ghost Town – Hot 8 Brass Band
15 Ghost Hunter – Eprom
16 Stage 1 – Ghosts & Goblins
17 Dracula & His Castle – Castlevania 2
18 Protect Ya Neck – Wu Tang Clan
19 Another Victim – Lalo Schifrin
20 Down For The Count – Jimmy McGriff
21 Dance Of The Living Dead Chickens – Jack Blanchard
22 Only One Way Outro

LISTEN: Laurent Fintoni’s Brooklyn Radio Mix


Impresario extraordinaire Laurent Fintoni has gone and done a corker of a mix for Brooklyn Radio. Pretty blunted selection featuring a bunch of illness from his label Original Cultures, plus tons of unreleased/forthcoming bits (because he’s one of those guys) from acts like Fulgeance, Danny Scrilla, SertOne, Bolts, Throwing Snow, personal favourite Yosi Horikawa, and the eagerly-anticipated Kidsuke project. And one of mine. Well worth a little over an hour of your time, and who knows, you might find summat you like…

REACH: Renegade Brass Band at Sheftival

Click for tick(ets)


Renegade Brass Band are among the acts playing this festival (the name of which I find very satisfying to say – Sheftival), and I’ll be standing in on turntable duty… proper looking forward to it, I’ve not done any band stuff in ages!

Come say ello, tickets cost £12 for both days; can’t say fairer than that.

Podcast: DANNY DRIVE THRU // 13DEC11




Fresh from dropping an immense mix for Sonic Router and with his new 12″ about to drop on Fat City Recordings (did you grab his 45 from http://MindonFire.co.uk ?), Danny Drive Thru returns to Groovement in style.

Buy: Drive Thru x Dibia$e on Fat City Recordings

Danny flexes his selection muscles with some mad ish, a precursor of sorts to his planned 2012 series of podcasts going by that very moniker…

If you fancy a visual slash Christmassy accompaniment, check the ustream embed below, featuring a guest appearance by Groovement Cat himself.


Danny’s Sonic Router Mix and Interview: http://www.sonicrouter.com/2011/12/sr…


00:00 J-Makusu – Akahana no Tonakai (Rudolph goes to Brazil edit)
8:01pm 02:18 Danny Drive Thru – EclipsemoonsunLDIGZVERSION
22:45 Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers (Murder He Wrote edit)
24:36 1000names – Born With Promise
27:52 Fink – Perfect Darkness (Album Version)
29:55 Akello Light – You Are (Beat)
33:06 Kendrick Lamar – Rigamortus
34:41 Ultimate Force – I’m Not Playing
37:21 Moondog – Heimdall Fanfare
39:38 Paul White – One Of Life’s Pleasures ft. Danny Brown (Remix)
41:19 MindsOne – Legion Of Doom
43:07 Celph Titled & Buckwild – Good Hell Hunting (feat. Outerspace)
46:12 The Budos Band – My Girl
47:42 Billy Garner – Brand New Girl
50:06 Eliphino – More Than Me
52:03 Flying Fish – Lucy’s Song
56:46 Marcos Valle – Dez leis
59:28 Ian & The Zodiacs – Come On Along, Girl
9:00pm 1:01:32 Slugabed – Whirlpool
1:02:46 Roy Budd – Jazz It Up
1:05:16 Sarolta – L.O.V.E
1:06:38 Serge Gainsbourg (with Michel Colombier) – Psychastenie (Miles’ drum edit)
1:07:19 The Coasters – Love Potion No. 9
1:08:34 YOSI HORIKAWA – Skipping
1:11:11 Klaus Weiss – Jumping Balls
1:13:27 Himuro – Looking For Treasure Anytime
1:14:58 Danny Drive Thru – Eclipsemoonsun (Trevino’s Front Mix) (Eqd) 44_16
1:17:25 XI – Whiteout
1:19:38 The Pharaohs – Damballa
1:21:36 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins & The Chicken Hawks – I Hear Voices-1
1:35:51 Cowboy Bebop OST – Cat Blues
1:37:55 Ye Mighty – Fuse
1:38:52 Danny Drive Thru – Violence Makes (Naive Machine Remix)
1:42:36 Mizz Beats – Scientific Brainpriest
1:44:49 Fabio Frizzi – Voci Dal Nulla [mix end?]
1:46:12 Michael White – The Blessing Song
1:49:03 The Beacon Street Union – The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens
1:51:25 Kendrick Lamar – Chapter Ten
1:52:47 Om Unit – Vibrations
1:53:29 Alaclair Ensemble – Gun gus gus (dimanche soare)
1:56:17 Slugabed – Sun Too Bright Turn It Off
1:57:32 1000 Names – He’s just Who!
1:59:04 Roots Manuva – Witness Acapella
10:00pm 2:01:45 The Stuyvesants – Stoops, Parks & Rooftops
2:02:53 Danny Brown – Radio Song
2:04:24 Eprom – Twerkul8
2:05:57 Sy & Unknown – Move Your Body
2:07:29 Phillip D Kick – Krome + Time – The License (footwork edit)
2:08:02 Krome & Time – The License rmx A
2:09:52 Fracture, Neptune – Colemanism
2:13:50 Barrington Levy – The Vibes Is Right (Om Unit edit) [end of night]
2:16:56 S-Type – Sweet Vixen [kut over]
2:18:08 Busta Rhymes – Break Ya Neck Acapella

Preview: DANNY DRIVE THRU x MR DIBIASE // Producer #3

Release: 12th January 2012

A1 DANNY DRIVE THRU // ElipseMoonSun


A2 DANNY DRIVE THRU // EclipseMoonSun (Trevino Remix)


B1 MR DIBIASE // Driftin’ Off

B2 DANNY DRIVE THRU // Virtua Ante Up


Fat City Recordings presents the next release in the Producer #3 series, featuring Danny Drive Thru (Manchester) and Mr Dibiase (LA).

Says FC:

The third part of our Producer#3 series.

Following his recent release on the Manchester based Mind On Fire label, Danny Drive Thru provides two tracks for Producer#3.

Eclipsemoonsun is a deeply burnt piece of atmospheric cimematica, smouldering & minimal. Crumbling drums merge with ethereal voices & weightless keys, its 3 minutes of disintegrating funk.

Marcus Intalex under his new Trevino alias remixes. In line with his recent tracks for Martyn’s 3024 label & Scuba’s DJ Kicks mix he pushes the tempo to create a technoid stepper. Its a dusky production in the 130 bpm realm with a warm electro flourish and darker acidic undercurrent.

After including his smash-up of the “death star theme” on Producer#2 and dropping his debut vinyl with the Cakeology E.P in 2010, the green llama aks Mr Dibiase returns once again to Fat City. Its classic Dibiase, all raw, chopped & loose around the lines, ripping apart some spaced soul parts in trademark wacked-out -cosmic fashion.

Danny Drive Thru finishes off with his cover of MOP’s “Ante Up”. Included on the Producer#2 cd, the repsonse was so good we had to do vinyl. Virtual voices mix with lo-fi keys and beats. Tongue-in-cheek, clever, funny & addictive.