Groovement Premiere: ELLIS MEADE // I Do Not Follow

Ellis Meade emerges from the lab to reveal a new, self-directed video for I Do Not Follow and Groovement is ecstatic to premiere it. Recalling Apache in its urgency, Meade lays down the law for you lot.

Ellis, aka L Digz, was one of the first beatmakers/rappers I got to know through our community orientated hip hop night in Manchester, In The Loop. I’ve seen/heard his work develop steadily, and he continues to push his sound forward, refusing to be pigeonholed into expected hip hop boundaries. The Conceptions mixtape features collaborations with Danny Drive Thru (Fat City Recordings), Dubbul O (Mothership Connection), Kydro (Kydroponics), AGN, Elizabeth, Cheech (Mothership, who also has some new music coming this month), Bricks, Twisted Roots, Legion and Stak One.

CONCEPTIONS MIXTAPE forthcoming: Ellis Meade Bandcamp  or download now on Facebook



Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement

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