Groovement: Daedelus X Gaslamp Killer X Hoya Hoya

Well, well, well… a couple of weeks after joining us in the studio with Brackles, Daedelus returns to our humble Manchester studio with a special friend in tow in the

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This City Is Ours podcast to download

Groovement: This City Is Ours by groovementradio Originally broadcast Sunday 18th October, 2009 on Unity Radio. THIS CITY IS OURS is a new Manchester collective of DJs and promoters seeking

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Groovement: Brackles and Kidkanevil to download

STONKER of a show today with a plethora of guests… swooping in from Nottingham like a dubstep Robin Hood, Brackles killed it at the Roadhouse for Hoya Hoya. Kidkanevil’s fresh

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