On Wax: El Michels Affair / Return To The 37th Chamber

enterAnother triumph for the Big Crown label following killer LPs from Lee Fields, Lady Wray and Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band: El Michels Affair, so often behind the scenes, are back at the forefront for a sequel to their acclaimed 2009 Truth & Soul album.

The artwork hits you first: the vinyl version of this album has four variants going on – the originals were painted on two sewn together flour sacks in Accra, Ghana by Heavy J and Stoger, two artists who are legends in the Ghanaian Mobile Cinema scene and regular contributors to the Deadly Prey Gallery’s collection in Chicago.river cyborg


This time around guests are featured: Lee Fields is on Snakes, and also on an amazing version of Tearz (which acts as more of a cover of Wendy Rene’s original, but with more RZA break) with The Shacks on the hook, while Lady Wray interprets Meth’s All I Need.

Leon Michels and band have lovingly reinterpreted RZA’s production in an all-analogue presentation and even included their own interludes, providing a brand new perspective on tracks we’ve loved for years.

Listen to samples from the record and buy it over at the BIG CROWN STORE – UK fans need to head to RAP AND SOUL MAIL ORDER.





Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement