Preview // The Gaslamp Killer: Instrumentalepathy


GLK is not one to do things by halves, and this looks immense. The psych cover was created by French surrealist artist Albane Simon and for me, sums up perfectly how I perceive GLK’s music with enough room for the imagination to flower further. It touches upon his near death experience a few years back, and quite rightly features the Catnip Killer over his right shoulder.

Photo credit: Atiba Jefferson
Photo credit: Atiba Jefferson

Collabs on the record include old sparring partner Gonjasufi, Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Niki Randa, Kid Moxie, Mophono, Amir Yaghmai and The Heliocentrics.

Order the vinyl and digi versions from Bandcamp and Bleep, including the limited red and blue spatter edition.

01 Pathetic Dreams [ft. Kid Moxie and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson]
02 Good Morning [ft. Gonjasufi]
03 Warm Wind (Frimpong) [ft. Amir Yaghmai]
04 Residual Tingles
05 The Butcher [ft. Mophono]
06 Friendship (Interlude)
07 Gammalaser Kill [ft. MRR and Malcolm Catto]
08 Life Guard Tower #22 [ft. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson]
09 Haleva [ft. Amir Yaghmai]
10 Listen for My Whistle
11 Shred You to Bits
12 In the Dark (Part Two) [ft. The Heliocentrics] (Bonus)

Listen to GLK on the Groovement show back in 2009:

Instrumentalepathy is out on Cuss Records 16 September 2016. 


From the press release:

As many know, GLK used the triumphs of battling a near death experience three years ago when shaping his debut Cuss Records album. A handful of the tracks were even captured from his bed, unable to walk, with morphine running through his veins and staples in his body. A musical illumination that one could argue helped save his life and steared him towards the achievements he has accumulated with his live band The Gaslamp Killer Experience.



Instrumentalepathy marks the catalyst point of an important road for GLK and the electronic community at large.

Instrumentelephy, like his latest releases, continues down the rabbit hole of his debut full length Breakthrough (Brainfeeder) and the recent live record with his band The Gaslamp Killer Experience. Molding psychedelic ethos and heavy drum breaks with the traditional music language of his ancestors and the futuristic landscapes of modern electronica, GLK continues to push the boundaries of contemporary music.





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