I’ve had this on repeat all evening. Deepo is one of Manchester’s heaviest, and most insightful, and whenever he jumped on the mic at In The Loop (our now-dormant community hip hop night) it was a HIGHLIGHT – this one’s pretty personal. He’s also produced this, and it’s out on Room 2 Records.

Man’s been awake from Sesame Street then Crystal Maze

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I was an ugly duck
Swan now
swan about knocked out
one round

I was a ginger baby
Blond now
live life for the one’s that have gone now
something must make sense somewhere somehow
I feel hot like fire from sun now
I was kind till my kind died out

Shit went off
It’s on now
anyone i pissed off
not proud
better getting off
dragged down
any gyal washed off
one shower

chop chop now I
leave big tree cut down
not in my league
cup round
I don’t want to see you get shut down
yes chef get your pans and pots out.

pick it up put it down
my purpose
man’s been awake from day
man’s been awake from sesame street then chrystal maze
life is a road so we drive like learner
I will never skive or shirk it carrying shurikan stars on purpose
fuck your border riding a train
catch my level
some can’t chase and then burn up
It’s all words there’s gonna be murders
it’s my time welcome to the circus
I crack whip while you crack your whippet and turn it
all you hear is a voice reverbing
head full of empty shell
why you smirking
you don’t want to fuck with me
stop flirting
so deep I never see surface
next verse makes everyone nervous
so wet couldn’t dry with a furnace
so soft when i come with the firmness
and i have a body of work to affirm this


You will get taken apart from the inside out
from the outside in
sick rhyming
bad timing
could have been glad tiding you’re thunder and i’m lightning
hold miss like one of my limbs
hog miss like honour thy king
heavy weight champion here in my gym
you will get boxed to the strings
when booms and pings
connect to your chin
drink everything
then i’m hitting up pimms
drinking pg tips when chilling with chimps
meet you later I’m head up kim’s
I’m buying if we’re getting free drinks
man are on road picking up bits
like homeless picking up cigarette dumps
man are on always on
on music all day long
some parasite types want to knock my song
I was on another level on day one
they want to compete but can’t
wrong man to take on
your mother shit is about to get dropped
our mothership is about to get dropped
going on batman take your cape off
them man there are as fake as they come
they can’t come to the rave to say what
all they ever do is just bait themselves up
all they ever do is just bait up hip hop
fuck battling i’ll say it to your face
don’t flop.


Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement