Daptone colour vinyl countdown to 100th 45 release

100As I’m writing this, the first in Daptone’s series of coloured 45 releases, celebrating 100 7″ releases, has just sold out. It’s Charles Bradley & LaRose Jackson with Luv Jones. The hot pink has gone, but standard black vinyl is still in the shop.

DAP1080 vinyl pic sm-500x500

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that this is DUN-117 – this makes it the 17th release on Daptone little-sister label, but the release also goes by DAP-1080 aka Daptone’s 80th 45 release.

Listen to a preview of both sides here.

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Press release:

Out June 17th – Ships week of June 9th.

It was the annual Charles Bradley memorial day BBQ throw down, when Charles finally introduced LaRose Jackson to Tommy. “Tommeyy! This is the lady I was telling you about. You gotta hear her sang!” To which LaRose said, “This is the guy you were talking about? He don’t look like no funky producer to me. He look like one of them rock & rollers.” Well, our friend TNT invited LaRose and CB back to the old Dunham Sound Studio and set out to prove just how funky he could be. “What if I told you that curly haired dude over there was the baddest dr ummer you ever heard?” asked TNT to Rose. “Him? You guys are weird.” The duets that unfolded that night are on this seven-inch piece of wax: Two instant funky pizza party classics. Dig it. #pizzapartyfaceplant


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