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JDM’s concocted a mix close to my heart: in the final years of Fat City (the shop) I worked closely with the whole crew, not only in the buying of wax but also organising DJ bar sessions in the city and, once the shop had closed, informally planning potential futures (which sadly never came to fruition) for the club night Friends and Family with Dave Walker, former owner of the shop. DelMonte takes a trip back into the grooves…
You should be able to grab a couple of JDM’s past mixes here as well as on his own blog.
A message from Johnty delMonte:
This is really going to be a case of if you don’t know, get to know.
This mix will get a lot of play from people that miss GC as much as I do and look back on those years and tunes with great fondness.
But in case this label passed you by, GC were a Manchester label that ran from 1995-2006 encompassing hip hop, soul, downtempo, electronica and leftfield beats. Started by Mark Rae from clocking the talent coming through his Fat City Record shop in the early 90s, the label became the soundtrack to a whole generation in the North of England.
So this is my tribute to a sadly missed heavy weight of the underground music scene- an all vinyl, original wax mix from the likes of Aim, Rae & Christian, Fingathing, Only Child, Funky Fresh Few, Q n C, Mark Rae and Dual Control.
Oh, and the smouldering Mancunian beauty you’ll hear on there is none other than Gizelle Smith, my soul sista!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it.
JDM, 31st October 2012



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    Mi hermano!
    Thank you so much my man 🙂

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