Preview/DL: ROOTS MANUVA // 4everevolution

Portrait by Andy Swannell

Label: Big Dada / Banana Klan
Release: 26 SEP 11 (UK / Europe) / 11 OCT 11 (USA)


Download: Watch Me Dance via signing up for the Roots list


Roots Manuva’s new one mainly revolves around Roots’ own production and voice, with contributions from Banana Klan stalwarts including Ricky Ranking, DJ MK and Daddy Kope. Other producers, from as far afield as Australia, also contribute.

Also on the album are singer Rokhsan, Skin and Cass from Skunk Anansie, Elan Tamara and Spikey T.

While ‘Watch Me Dance’ isn’t representative of the entire album, Big Dada are giving it away as a free download. You can also find it on Toddla T’s new single of the same name, with the tune being Manuva’s originally (hear both on the latest Groovement podcast).

‘4everevolution’ Tracklist:

01. First Growth
02. Here We Go Again
03. Skid Valley
04. Who Goes There?
05. Watch Me Dance
06. Revelation
07. Wha’ Mek?
08. Takes Time To
09. Beyond This World
10. Go Champ
11. Get The Get
12. Crow Bars
13. In The Throes Of It
14. Noddy
15. Much Too Plush
16. The Path
17. Banana Skank

Groovement caught up with Roots back in its infancy…


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