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Since the re-emergence of the Furious 5 last year and their mission to make sure people recognise the originators, people have been wondering whether or not the Sugarhill Gang would resurface too. Later in the year both outfits will be touring the US for the ‘Message’ tour, but Manchester will be treated to some Sugared sweetness this coming Tuesday with the support of some of Manchester’s most exciting prospects, including Groovement fam THE MOUSE OUTFIT.

Here’s DYNAMITE of the Furious 5’s status update on the matter…

Roosevelt Dmite Simmons: I Like This. You Like This?
Now Booking. The Message Tour. America Get Ready. We Are Legend.
The Sugarhill Gang [email protected]
The Furious 5 [email protected]
Kurtis Blow [email protected]
Rob Base [email protected]
Or Call Direct 770 771 8036 Coming To A Theatre Near You This Summer


Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement

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