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j Rocc by Edwige Hamben

J Rocc in Manchester October 11



I was pretty hyped to see this poster today in Piccadilly Records – I love learning about gigs through posters rather than news feeds. Backed by the illustrious Hoya pairing of Jon K and Jonny Dub, J Rocc hits Joshua Brooks on Saturday 11th October 2014.

Tickets are here.

I was lucky enough to chat to J Rocc for Bonafide magazine – you can read a snippet at Stones Throw here or the whole thing in digital form at Issuu.

J Rocc Twitter



Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 20.11.53

Diggin’ In The Carts: Unearthing Japan’s video game composers

Every Thursday for the next few weeks (up to Oct 9th), RBMA will be posting a new episode of this documentary series, exploring the legacy and foundation of Japan’s most vital video game music composers. oh no Junkocute This first episode focus on early eighties Nintendo and some of the earliest Famicom/NES games. The likes of Oh No, Flying Lotus, J Rocc, Havoc and Kode 9 add varied levels of  waxing lyrical about musicians such as Junko Ozawa and Hirokazu Tanaka, who in turn reflects on unexpected influences such as Jah Wobble. hip The games Balloon Fight and Wrecking Crew has the rhythm of Sly Dunbar  – Hirokazu Tanaka

Oh yeah…

Check his cartography (?) here.

Props to producers and directors Nick Dwyer and Tu Neill – the film is shot amazingly. I look forward to next week’s instalment. Completing the cycle somewhat, Daisuke Tanabe has composed the theme for the documentary. Watch out for his LP, Floating Underwater, previewed here.


Edit’s of Selection’s from the 1st Volume of THE MINIMAL WAVE TAPES, recorded between 1981-85 released earlier this year on STONES THROW RECORD’S featured DIRTY by Brixton’s HARD CORPS three British Sound Engineers Hugh Ashton Robert Doran Clive Pierce and stunning Chanteuse Regine Fetet (R.I.P.)
Released on 12″ White Label by
SURVIVAL RECORD’S in 1984 took over London dancefloor’s and Independent pop chart’s.

In an interview with BURNING FLAME BLOGSPOT Drummer Clive Pierce talks about HARD CORPS and his latest Project MEDORA. “Not a group but an Enviroment” Including a Girl who sings into her iphone, on her lunch break in the bathroom and before she goes to bed. The Greek Dentist churning out unique and oddball rifts. ONA/SHE who had never sung before creates a compelling sound and atmosphere, PHEN Trucker by day Music Maker by night. JAMES FENDA a Pop Singer from 1964 still crooning strong.
“The list goes on and will continue to grow. We definitely are living in a Fantasy World, but that’s what Music is all about isn’t it?
We proudly call our Fantasy World “MEDORA”.

Purchase Clean Tables Have To Be Burnt by Hard Corps here

Download: QUANTIC x J ROCC


Best Of Quantic Mix by J.Rocc by Tru Thoughts

Quantic – “Snakes In The Grass” 
Quantic – “Cumbia Clash” 
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – “Dog With A Rope” 
The Quantic Soul Orchestra – “Hands Of My Love feat. Alice Russell” 
Quantic y Conjunto – “Cumbia de Dilla” 
Quantic & His Combo Bárbaro – “The Dreaming Mind (Part 1)” 
Quantic – “Infinite Regression” 
Quantic – “Perception” 
The Quantic Soul Orchestra – “Left & Right” f. Alice Russell 
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – “Cuidad Del Swing” 
Quantic & His Combo Bárbaro – “New Morning (Slow Version)’ 
Quantic And Nickodemus Feat. Tempo & The Candela All-Stars – “Mi Swing Es Tropical” 
The Quantic Soul Orchestra – “Tropidelico (Occidental)” 
Quantic And His Combo Barbaro – “Enyere Kumbara” 
Quantic And His Combo Barbaro – “Undelivered Letter” 
Quantic – “Transatlantic” 
The Quantic Soul Orchestra – “Super 8″ 
Quantic – “Use What You Got” f. Sonny Akpan 
Quantic – Sabor” f. Tempo 
The Quantic Soul Orchestra – “Get A Move On” 
Quantic – “Not So Blue” 
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – “Cumbia Sobre El Mar”


Artwork by Roland LeFox c/o Sweden10



The Best Of Quantic album is out now digitally and on double CD/Vinyl.

Tru Thoughts direct: http://bit.ly/bestofquantic_etchshop
US Physical CD/LP: http://amzn.to/oKzQKK
UK Physical CD/LP: http://bit.ly/bestofquantic_juno




Win: DMC UK DJ Final feat the X-ECUTIONERS (Roc Raida Tribute)

For the London set – win two places on the guest list for this killer event by simply emailing me the answer to this:

What were the X-Ecutioners formerly known as?

Answers to j @ groovement.co.uk – first correct answer gets it… I’ll email you back if you’re the winner! Deets:


RANE & SERATO present:
The DMC UK DJ Final and Battle For UK Supremacy 2011
Thursday 14th July
7pm – 11.30pm
www.dmcdjchamps.com / www.dmcworld.tv / www.twitter.com/dmc_dj_champs

THE X-ECUTIONERS (Total Eclipse, Rob Swift, Precision)
Showcasing and performing a special ‘Roc Raida tribute show’
Rewd Adams and The Last Skeptik
Hosting the event and performing – INJA

Completely relevant to what I was chatting to J ROCC about recently…

“In a year where the production of the industry standard Technics turntables was halted for good, DMC have embraced the old and the new, the turntablism and the technology, and as well as using Serato within the battles, DMC are pushing things forward with an online DJ Championship, the launch of DMC Radio, a site re-launch, and making the World Finals available live on Pay-Per-View. With heavyweights Rane and Serato as sponsors, DMC are dedicated to moving to represent the current and future DJ.

While change is afoot, the most important aspect of the DMCs has of course remained true to the art. To become a DMC World Champion, DJs around the world still need to use techniques such as scratching & cutting to manipulate turntables and vinyl in order to create their own musical arrangements, performing live in front of an audience filled with both the knowledgeable DMC fans and lucky newcomers being initiated to this fantastic contest.”

BONAFIDE Issue 5 Out Now

The UK’s premier hip hop culture magazine has its new issue out right now, complete with a J ROCC article/interview written by yours truly. It’s shiny and has good writing – and a reversible cover!


This issue has Old School X New as its theme, and chats with Grandmaster Flash, fourth Beastie Boy Ricky Powell, El-P and the aforementioned J Rocc. On the new we have Dels, Ghostpoet, Brainfeeder artist Charles Munka and Glasgow’s Numbers label in discussion.


The first 100 issues bought through the Bonafide website receive a free DELS Gob EP. You can also buy Bonafide in the TATE Modern bookshop, Rough Trade, Fopp, Magma, all good online and physical record stores and for the first time, HMV, from May 15th.


J ROCC and I had a long chat about comics not too long ago, and he mentioned the next thing he was going to do was call PETE ROCK and get his ass down to the comic book store. And lorda mercy, here he is.

Far be it from Groovement to ally with any one particular brand, but hella props to Stussy for this range.

Incidentally, Groovement teamed up with some pals to records ISSUES, a podcast about comics and beats. You can listen here or below to episode one. Episode two is coming soon and feature K Murdock, Daedelus and J Rocc chatting about counter culture.

Issues Ep 1 Pt 1

Issues Ep 1 Pt 2