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Snoop and Dam-Funk Hit Da Pavement

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It’s so damn cool that Snoop has gone for this full tilt. He could have made the album and not followed it up with anything else – when I first heard they were rocking parties together I thought we might see a one-off collab, one day. This whole vibe is Dam’s life and Snoop’s foundation, and it’s great to see wider media embracing it and being made aware of D-F’s work.

Stream the whole 7 Days Of Funk album right here. On vinyl, digital and CD, the album is out now – order from Stones Throw.

Manchester heads, Piccadilly Records has this mother in stock right here.

Dam-Funk x Snoop: 7 Days Of Funk on Stones Throw


We’ve all been waiting for this one for years so it’s great to hear it’s finally coming off the ground. You’ve can’t have the G without the P. Like Stones Throw says, it’s Snoop’s first album crafted under the vision of a single producer since Doggystyle.

The full length is out in December.

More on Stones Throw.

Download: DAM FUNK x LEON SILVERS III // I’m Not Easy, But We Can Talk (1990)

I’m Not Easy, But We Can Talk – DāM-FunK w/ Leon Sylvers III (1990) by DâM-FunK

Pure sunshine from young Dam, and analogue as you like.

“The full details (spoken when I was hella young & my voice was a tad higher…) are laid over a Stanley Clarke instrumental, then…the groove me & the great Leon Sylvers III did kicks in soon after. It was recorded in my bedroom in Pasadena, CA.

The song never made it to Atlantic Star’s album after all, but was still a good learning experience, recording w/ 1 of my 1st musical mentors: Leon Sylvers III.

*The song briefly appeared on a hand full of cassette tapes I made in 1991 called: “Damon – My Early Works (’88-’90)” that had many songs on it, in which, I only gave a few friends to in my neighborhood. I still have the tape with the original homemade artwork done at Kinko’s. Hilarious!

*This tune will be ‘mastered’ later, for inclusion on: “Adolescent Funk ~ Vol. 2″.
Stay tuned.


– D-F”

Download: JAMES PANTS // Clouds Over The Pacific

Download via StonesThrow.com

JAMES PANTS’ self-titles third album hits the Stones Throw digital store today and worldwide release tomorrow. I had the pleasure of attending a talk he did for Red Bull when he put on Joe Bataan – although there were only a few there and he was shy, he held the room with samples of seagulls and his ‘new apocalyptic shit’ he’d thrown together in reaction to people trying to pigeonhole his sound on his debut release. This is a bloke who doesn’t want to sound the same from record to record, or be easily identifiable. It’s safe to say his new long-player has evolved in whatever direction the voices in his head have told him to take it. Buy it.


Groovement x James Pants (+ Dam Funk + Mayer Hawthorne, 2009) or listen below…




The ever-satisfying CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA have covered Jeff Buckley’s version of Lilac Wine as part of Dr Marten’s 50th anniversary celebrations. The video is pretty special.

The track’s available with others for free download over at the Dr Marten’s site. Forthcoming contributors include The Raveonettes, Verbal, MC5’s Micheal Davis with DOA, N.A.S.A & Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Couple of punk classics already up there in the form of SHAM 69’s If The Kids Are United and the BUZZCOCKS’ Ever Fallen In Love, as covered respectively by THE DUKE SPIRIT and THE NOISETTES. Also check DAM FUNK’s HUMAN LEAGUE cover below…