Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver OST: Chase Me from Danger Mouse, Run The Jewels & Big Boi



Danger Mouse’s own imprint, 30th Century Records, will release the OST for Edgar Wright’s new film, Baby Driver, on 23 June. Spaced and Shaun Of The Dead are hands down two of my favourite things committed to film, and Wright’s musical tastes have always been foundational to his work. With Baby Driver they’re even more integral to the story and means a mean soundtrack awaits us. There’ll be 30 tunes on there, including this one composed specially for the film. As well as appearing on this track, Big Boi and Killer Mike of RTJ appear briefly in the movie.
Danger Mouse: “Edgar showed me a cut of the movie last year and I loved the Atlanta connection.  I’ve been doing more hip-hop stuff recently, so I bugged both Run The Jewels and Big Boi to jump on it.  We’ve all known each other for years and talked about working together before so I’m really glad this could happen now.”




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