On wax // Peter Thomas & Mocambo Astronautic Sound Orchestra: Space Patrol (Orion 2016)

A real killer tune from the Mocambo stable, and the first with a space twist. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Mocambos have joined with original composer Peter Thomas to record a version of the theme to 1966 sci-fi series Space Patrol – known in Germany as Raumpatrouille: Die phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffes Orion and not to be confused with the UK’s 1962 series of the same name – and issue it on golden, space-dust wax.

I love this quote from Peter: “When producing the score, I had complete creative freedom. No one had ever been into space, so no one would dare to tell me how the music should sound like.”

If you like the cosmic/tropical steel drum vibe on this, be sure to check out the Mocambos in the Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band guise on Big Crown Records.

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