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Chalk’s debut album, One For Being Me, was one of the most fire Manchester hip hop releases of recent years. Deeply personal and deeply funky, together with his crew TNC (one of Manchester’s most vital and fundamental groups) he set a new standard for the city’s lyricists.

Now he’s ready for the follow up, and needs your help.

Over to Chalk:

Hello to all my present or future fans. If you already know me then you will know that I have already independently released one record: Chalk – One For Being Me. At the time I spent all my savings getting that record pressed and it is so far my greatest life achievement. It was well received getting played on BBC Radio 6 and local plays from the UK hip-hop community. I have sold 200 or so and am yet to break even on its cost. 

As a record collector and general music lover I would like to release my most recent album on both vinyl and digital formats. I believe contributing to the record community in the age of easy digital releasing is a must for all record appreciators, especially within the hip-hop community that has always maintained vinyl culture, for it is hip-hop’s very foundation.

My new 12 track sophomore album is already produced and studio mastered and all artwork already designed. It is due to be released digitally within the next couple months.

I am asking all my fans, previous and future buyers and supporters of mine and The Natural Curriculum’s music to help me give this album a physical release. The money you pledge is the same as buying the album at retail value so no need to over donate unless you feel so kindly inclined. I can honestly tell you that I feel my new album is my greatest work so far, lyrically and production wise. It is an ode to my thoughts on life, self and growing over time as well as for the kind of hip-hop music I love and grew up with. It is filled with 90’s hip-hop era jazzy grooves & breaks as well as insightful, honest, fun and sometimes thought provoking lyricism.

Preview music from the album on Chalk’s Soundcloud.

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