Out now // Debruit – Outside The Line

I’ve just spent an hour or so in the company of this lovely record, having ordered the vinyl from Bandcamp, so thought I’d share it here.

I spoke to Xavier about his vision for this LP, and the kicking-off of his new label ICI, a few months back when he visited Manchester for Banana Hill. He’s a driven, creative individual with no shortage of ideas, and this is reflected in this record. With roots in all of Debruit’s Afro- and percussive influences, there are moments on here that really transcend what’s come from him before, particularly is his synth lines which I find particularly emotive and sci-fi-y. Make your own mind up by streaming the album below.

Expect much, much more to come from ICI.

Order the vinyl and get the digital at Bandcamp.

Find out more: debruit.com

Read some thoughts from Debruit on each track here.


Art by Markus Hofko: bowbowbow.co/



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