Preview: All-star funk band The Beta Club release ridiculous 7″ Brassa Nova


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Ridiculously laid-back, spookily-organed, forebodingly-guitared, soulfully-percussioned, lamentigly-horned  and funky as hell – Brassa Nova is the first single from funk supergroup The Beta Club. It’s the soundtrack to your secret life as informant: stealth-walk to the shops with digital in your headphones, ducking behind corners, or do the same in the house with the more dynamic tones of the 45.

Freak Beat on the B is playfully ominous, a swell of percussion and brass equalling the soundtrack for a made-up film weightiness of the A side.

Art: Ben Hito
Art: Ben Hito

The personnel is:

Shaun Stenton keys
Carl Platt
Matty Thompson
Steve Haney (Jungle Fire) percussion
Ben Greenslade-Stanton (Mighty Mocambos, The Getup) horns
Shawn Lee (Shawn Lee) geetars
Nick Rufalo & Michael Rufalo (The Brothers Nylon) strings
Nick Rawe (Jopsons Mecury)
Andy Black Rose drums
Djouls, Grant Phabao & Ben Hito (Paris DJs)

The single’s out now on 7″ vinyl and digital, released jointly by Cartel Records and Paris DJs.

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