Mondo releases THE RAID OST 2LP with art by Jock

Photo credit: Billy Garrett


I finally had the pleasure of watching Gareth Evans’ The Raid (aka The Raid: Redemption) last night, having put it off for a while since seeing Dredd and hearing about the coincidental similarities in plot.

From what I can gather, the Netflix (UK) version I watched is a newer cut, as the soundtrack is by Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and Joseph Trapanese, who were commissioned to compose a new score for the US market to replace the original Indonesdian version by Aria Prayogi and Fajar Yuskemal (in a bit of Netflix politics, The Raid only seems to be streamable in the UK, and is unavailable to watch directly in the US – if you’re changing your DNS around to watch it, reset/reboot first!).

This US score is the version that has been released  by Mondo (esteemed globally for their unique interpretations of movie art old and new) as an 180g 2LP set this week. Art is by (regular Dredd artist – and most recently seen providing visuals for Andy Diggle’s Image mini series Snapshot) Jock, and is astounding.

The interior of the gatefold see’s Jock’s original Mondo art treated to a double spread …


Photo credit: Billy Garrett

Peruse the track listing to relive the movie in your head before you head to the Mondo shop to buy it.


Track Listing:
1. Prayers
2. Gear Up
3. The Arrival
4. We Have Company
5. We’re Alone Here
6. Quaking Old Fuck
7. Hole Drop
8. Moving Up, Part 1
9. Moving Up, Part 2
10. Trapped
11. Close Shave
12. One Way Out
13. Machete Standoff
14. Rama’s Family Dream
15. Chair Slam
16. Dirty Cop
17. Jaka Caught
18. Dog Fight
19. Uncle Andi
20. Dead Already
21. Drug Lab
22. Andi Strung Up
23. Putting A Mad Dog Down
24. Misfire
25. Razors.Out (Performed by Chino Moreno)
26. Suicide Music (Performed by Get Busy Committee)


Gareth Evans is currently busy shooting Berendal, the sequel to The Raid in which Iko Uwais returns.



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