The realest mo’fo in the game!

Dam funk keeps it real, in fact so real he already made one song about it featuring 90’s hip hopper MC Eiht (remember menace to society soundtrack?), which was all about keeping your hood pass intact. Basically it means, knowmatter who you are or how much success you receive, you need to keep reppin your ends because as the line says “you never know, when your gonna go back, back back” (fade vocal)

With this latest offering “I don’t wanna be a star” he is talking about keeping his feet firmly on the ground. and singing about how he never came into the game for fame, ritches etc, but just to bring the funk & make music for people to enjoy.. This is what it should always be about people, too many folk get into this industry for the perks, style over substance etc, however it should always be about the music & expressing yourself, and Dam Funk is a master at this. He has kept it real to himself, his music & his beliefs, whist remaining truly honest & humble. I have the utmost respect for this guy & have had the fortune of spending a bit of time hanging out with him over the years  & can honestly say he really is “the realest mo’fo in the game”, Mr Funk – We salute you!

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