Video: DJ WOODY // Big Phat 90s Mixtape

Big Phat 90’s Mixtape from DJ Woody on Vimeo.

In a mixtape style, here’s a 45 minute version of DJ WOODY‘s long sweated-over Turntables In Techniclour: Big Phat 90s show. Woody’s spent many months honing this into a live set, as he had with his previous TiT (!) show, and I’m glad he’s such a dedicated perfectionist. It may be a while ’til we see the next gen of Turntables in Technicolour as I know he wants to focus back on the scratching the scratching itch he’s got, so enjoy and show your friends.

“DON’T call it a come back! DJ Woody returns with the next episode of his groundbreaking visual DJ performance, Turntables In Technicolor. ‘Big Phat 90’s’ is a nostalgic chronological musical ride through some of the decades dopest moments, reworking the classics with his unique blend of custom graphics, video sound bites and renowned turntable technique to rock the ‘slamminest’ 90’s house party since Kid n Play raised the roof.”

Jonny Dub recently posted a wicked Woody video called ‘Me and My Decks’ here on Groovement too, so check that.

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