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Compiling all of Four Tet’s recent output on his own label Text – over to Boomkat for a more detailed description after the tracklisting.

(If you can see the embed below, listen to all tracks there)


1. Locked
2. Lion
3. Jupiters
4. Ocoras
5. 128 Harps
6. Pyramid
7. Peace For Earth
8. Pinnacles


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*New album collecting the hitherto vinyl-only singles that Kieran Hebden has released on his Text label in the last couple of years*

This period of activity from the London-based producer has marked a decisive move away from the woozy electronica with which he made his name, towards more direct assaults on the dancefloor, or at least so it seems – of course it’s not actually that simple.

Just listen to ‘Locked’, which despite its palpable dubstep influence has a musicality and gentleness that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on an album like Rounds; yes, to his infinite credit, even Hebden’s most club-focussed productions are invested with his unmistakeable personality:.’Lion’ teams jacking, refreshingly unfussed-over drums with moody chord stabs and twinkling Reich-funk vibes, while ‘Jupiter’ combines rough-hewn, almost BoC-esque synth melodies with choppy, Hessle Audio-style drum programming.

‘128 Harps’ is galloping techno Four Tet-style, the percussive momentum opening up space for the titular instrument to lavishly express itself, while ‘Pyramid’ nods to classic Chicago house. Tangerine Dream and Conrad Schnitzler would be intrigued by fleet-footed ambient epic ‘Peace For Earth’. The at once slamming and sensuous ‘Pinnacles’ closes a set that will go down tremendously well with the many Hebden-heads among you – this is really very strong material, make no mistake.

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