Preview: GALAPAGOOSE // Commitments

Release: 13 March 2012

Label: Magical Properties

When Daedelus says someone’s shit hot on a monome you tend to listen up. First brought to our attention last time we caught up with the Magical Properties boss, Galapagoose’s LP is now prepped and ready to launch.

Download ‘One Who Can’t Move’ from XLR8R

Track listing

1. Don’t Break The Spell
2. Planting the Seed
3. A Time For Us
4. Winkler
5. Unintended Consequence
6. One Who Can’t Move
7. She
8. Attraction and Influence
9. Rhizome
10. Attachments
11. Hard Swallow
12. Snuffclutch
13. Dark Rooms, Illuminate
14. Weight
15. Multiplicities

One comment

  • i am going to be living with this record
    for a lovely, long time.

    thank you for getting the word out, groovement!


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