FAT BEATS, vinyl emporium, ceases to be

“Rap is something you do. Hip Hop is something you live!”

FAT BEATS closes:

NEW YORK 4th September 2010

LOS ANGELES 18th September 2010

Photos from Fat Beats MySpace

The announcement of the closure of FAT BEATS record store reminds of the sadness felt by many at the official closure of FAT CITY in Manchester last year. Although FAT BEATS remains healthy as a label and distributor for the likes of Stones Throw, once again the art of flicking through records in a dedicated shop goes out the window.

After 16 years of hard work, the shop will have a massive sale and performances as tribute parties for the record-buying masses (or not, as the case obviously is). If you’re over in NY or LA in early September, keep an eye here for listings.

The future of Fat Beats from the press release: Fat Beats Distribution, which has been renamed FB Distribution, continues to strike noteworthy distribution deals with independent and major labels worldwide and is now working with different genres of alternative music. Fat Beats Records will continue to release notable albums from their own impressive roster of artists including ILL BILL, TruMaster/KRS-One, Black Milk, Trinity, Sha Stimuli, Q-Unique,and more. Fat Beats owner and President Joe Abajian says, “This is the start of a new era for Fat Beats. We’re adapting to meet the needs of our demographic by revamping and improving our existing systems. While our website, which stocks everything available in our retail stores, continues to do very well, we’re still exploring our options for alternate retail locations in the future. We’re proud of our legacy and will continue to re-invent ourselves. For now, we’ll see you online at FatBeats.com


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