Download: BIG BOI Mixtape for Dummies

From RealTalkNY!

“Four days before Sir Lucious Left Foot is officially released, we get this mixtape from DJ X-Rated and DJ Esco, which compiles 28 tracks Big Boi has appeared on into a nice primer for new fans, who may not be entirely caught up on the man’s work. Notable things to point out include the presence of “Royal Flush,” the Raekwon/Andre 3000 feature that may or may not have been cut from the final album due to label drama. Also present are alternate versions of classics like “B.O.B.,” and a way spacier take on “Kryptonite.” Sure, there’s the confusing presence of skits that previously appeared on Outkast albums, but it’s a minor flaw. Let this mixtape serve as a reminder that Big Boi and his new album are not to be slept on. Once again, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty drops on July 6.”

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