Vote: THIS CITY IS OURS multi-venue shenanigans

Somebody wants to do something exciting in Manchester! Those boys and girls at THIS CITY IS OURS have decided we need some parties in exceptional venues. Agree? VOTE and read on…

We’ll host 5 FREE gigs at beautiful and unusual venues in Manchester. Headlined by an international act – supported by Manchester’s finest!

Our proposal was inspired by our recent successful gigs at Salford’s Sacred Trinity Church and the legendary Sunn o)) show in the catacombs beneath Paris. Manchester has one of the most vibrant music scenes in the world, with some of the greatest music fans. We want to put on a series of gigs that will:

Highlight Manchester as one of the, if not THE, live destination of choice for bands internationally.
Reward music fans in Manchester with a series of gigs that will be with them for the rest of their lives.
Provide opportunities for local bands to play in front of larger audiences in a professional setting, build upon their fan bases, and the experience of supporting more established international acts.
Reconnect young people with the vast history and culture present in Manchester.
Provide an opportunity for young people to present themselves in a positive light to the wider population, at a time when the older generations can be sceptical of allowing them their trust.
This City Is Ours propose to put on a series of 5 FREE live gigs in a 12 month period, at venues around Manchester with historical and cultural significance, bringing young people into an environment that they would not usually be attracted to, and demonstrating that Manchester’s history is something that all ages can enjoy.

At present we are in discussions with various authorities about the prospect of putting on Live Music at:

Manchester Cathedral, Manchester Tunnels, Manchester Library Theatre, The Freemason Hall, (+ other venues)

We are applying for the full £10,000 available in the Umbro Industries fund, this money would be split appropriately in order to fund the 5 FREE live gigs.

Budgets for each gig would include:

Venue Hire (approx capacity 200-300) / Stage / PA / Lighting / Visuals / Security / Headline Artist’s Fee / Promotional Costs / Health & Safety

What you can expect for your money:

We will give Manchester 5 FREE intimate live gigs at beautiful, unusual and culturally significant venues around Manchester…

…headlined by an amazing Live Act with international recognition…

…the opportunity to promote the fantastic musical talent that we have in our city to a wider audience, through the gig itself, as well as press coverage from the events.

…the promotion of Manchester’s heritage to a new, young audience within the city, and to the wider world, through the medium of live music – something that Manchester is renowned for.

…and restoration of older generations’ faith in young people, by allowing a new generation access to buildings and spaces, previously considered too valuable to risk on a project such as this.

We considered this project too ambitious when we first hit upon the idea, however with the support we have received so far it is now within our grasp. Help us make this a reality and to focus the worlds attention back on Manchester’s Music, for this, a world first.



Amount applied for: £1000

And coming this Saturday…


Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement

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