Ahh 2009, those were the days…

Some massive near end of 2009 hip hop up on here including the epic Exhibit A by Jay Electronica to kick things off. J-Live always brings it raw… Great quote here too…

J-Live: Basically, I got tired of hearing a lot of people say stuff like, “there’s nothing new out” or “hip hop is wack now”. Upon hearing this I usually run down a list of names of new artists and even old artists with new albums and ask if they’ve heard of’em. Nope! These people have no idea. There’s a lot of good new hip hop. You just have to do the knowledge and keep your ears open. These are some of my favorites from 2009 alone. Enjoy!

Click the cover art.

<a href="">01 J-Live ~ DTK Intro by J-Live</a>

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