Groovement: Jneiro Jarel Interview (Willie Isz, Shape of Broad Minds, Dr Who Dat?)

What a gentleman. That’s the main feeling I came away with after speaking to Jneiro Jarel for an hour or so. Before we get started, JJ’s been working with Dave Sitek from TV On The Radio quite a bit recently and here’s a snippet of his latest remix for DOOM.

Recorded back in June of this year, here’s a lengthy and revealing conversation with one of what I consider to be one of our great musical minds. JJ skulks in the background like the Maxx that Willie Isz’s name is inspired by but recent touring as DOOM’s DJ and supporting act is raising his profile over in the States – in accompaniment to this, the Willie Isz album received some fantastic reviews and defo seems like a sleeper fave LP.

What I really love about JJ is his versatility and unabashed experimentalism. I remember a great Hip Hop Connection article upon the release of the Shape of Broad Minds album citing that Jneiro’s ahead of his time, that hip hop isn’t ready for his sound yet. As we’ve heard that very sound has morphed and twisted into many forms (see Flying Lotus et al), and indeed moved well away from traditional hip hop in many senses, but JJ has been and continues to be a major innovator.

If you’ve any interest in any of the above, kick back and enjoy the words of a true Head. I’ve split this one into two parts as I know longer conversations can get grating for some. As always, please send me your feedback.

Word of warning: part one’s (land line phone) not as clear as part two (mobile), so bear with the hissing etc, it can sometimes sound like a TDK but that’s because we’re *real*.


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And then we just started talking about guitars in hip hop when we got cut off. I rang JJ back 5 minutes later as he packed Jawaad into the car and got onto the freeway, airport bound…


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