Gazillion Ear EP from DOOM with Jneiro Jarel and Thom Yorke mixes

After sticking Illum Sphere in his playlist (, 23rd Nov 2009), Thom Yorke heads ever nearer Groovement territory with a remix on the new DOOM joint lifted from BORN LIKE THIS on LEX RECORDS. Sounds good too, check the video above towards the end. How else is Thom foraying into electronic music that isn’t Radiohead? What other heads is he hooking up with?

Big shout to Jneiro Jarel too, he’s not feeling Twitter at all at the moment and some people know how he feels. Some people just don’t like to stick random shit out there I guess, JJ doesn’t strike me as someone to waste words. Check the interview with him from a couple of months back on here, in the next couple of weeks as I get it finished in some no-doubt turkey-fuelled haze.

GAZILLION EAR EP is out.. check details here and grab the FREE MP3 from Lex’s site.


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