Groovement: Brackles and Kidkanevil to download

Click click to download succcckkkaaaa

Click click to download succcckkkaaaa

STONKER of a show today with a plethora of guests… swooping in from Nottingham like a dubstep Robin Hood, Brackles killed it at the Roadhouse for Hoya Hoya.

Kidkanevil’s fresh from his recent Public Service Announcement Mix for the Good People at Groovement and has a new LP imminent: we also have Daedelus meander into the studio for a petit chat and Eliphino luriking in the background…

All this under the warm yet moist wings of hoya hoya mafiosi Jonny Dub and Illum Sphere, plus Groovement host Agent J. BIGGGGG.

Originally broadcast October 11th 2009.


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