Who is the face of hip hop?

The question: “Who is the face of hip-hop today? Whoever says ‘Jay-Z’ is an idiot,” Prof Griff of the legendary hip-hop group Public Enemy bluntly responded during a recent forum in Muskegon Heights.

Ace article from M Live.com right here … via Nightmares On Wax on Facebook, nice one…


Prof Griff addressed several issues during his speech, including:

• President Obama: “He is the black face on white reality, and guess what, you’re not a part of that.”

• On Flavor Flav: “I came into Public Enemy as the ‘Minister of Information.’ My main goal isn’t to be some buck-naked negro on stage. No, lets be honest, I’d be a hypocrite if I came here and didn’t deal with the Flavor Flav issue.”

• Kayne West: “He’s going on a tour with Lady Gaga. It’s a whole gay/lebsian tour. Yes it is. Yes it is. I’m going to tell you all straight up. Is that camera rolling?”

• Religion “We can survive without religion. We didn’t have religion once upon a time. We had high spiritual concepts, and we did fine. But it wasn’t until these people gave and gave us this thing called religion, that’s when we started going wrong.”

• The music business “The music business is what is says, it’s a music business. It’s a business. These people are in business to make money. You need to understand that.You need to stop talking to them about all these cultural ideas because they aren’t interested in all that. So get your business savvy right and come to them and negotiate a contract with them to conduct your business.”


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