ONRA & MARTYN this Thursday in Manchester – cheap list

Very quick one, with no image since I’m on a ‘restricted and filtered network’… ONRA is heading up this Thursday at the Mint Lounge in Manchester together with dubstep king MARTYN and you can get tickets for a fiver: three pounds cheaper than the door price y’all.

Simply email ‘GROOVEMENT’ to [email protected] and it is done.

In other news, had a stonking interview with Ghostface on Sunday night, he was dead nice like. Will be writing up for UK hip hop mag BONAFIDE and editing for podcast here so keep dem ears open. Roll on the weekend.

In fact, roll on next Monday with 16BIT at Cord Bar from 8pm… SNES is in the house! Street Fighter II Turbo ass-whuppin will ensue with tunes in a 16 bit style from Danny Drive Thru and Jonny Dub (hoya:hoya). Hadoken! etc

Visit Mind On Fire for more details about Thursday.


Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement

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