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Out Now: Mega Ran & Sammus // Castlevania: The Nocturnal Cantata


In Mega Ran’s own words, “a Hip-Hop Opera, retelling the story of the classic game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night“. For those unfamiliar, Castlevania is a series of games initially appearing on the NES and then the SNES before migrating to other platforms. My personal favourite is the mode-7 showing-off Castlevania IV on the SNES in its full 16 bit glory. I actually never got around to playing the 1997 PS version of the series, but from what I can hear here it’s as chilling as the rest of ‘em…

It’s available now on Bandcamp, with only 100 CD editions.



Random (aka Mega Ran) as Alucard
Sammus as Maria Renard
The Ranger as Richter Belmont

Podcast: NouGold [January 2012]


Here is the latest episode of the NouGold podcast brought to you by myself and my homebody Bedos A.K.A. Beddy Boop. As usual, this podcast is full of music from underground hip hop’s young and talented artists bringing you those golden sounds. Expect jazzy and soulful hip hop and more boom and bap than a TNT sandwich.


Video: Mega Ran & K-Murdock – Epoch

Our good friends Mega Ran and K-Murdock are slap-bang-walloping you in the face with a video for the track ‘Epoch’ from the incredible album ‘Forever Famicom’. Dopest of the dope MC, dopest of the dope producer and two of the nicest guys you could meet in hip hop. This one should be bangin’ in the jawn (Philly slang. Whatup DN3!!)


Download: RANDOM aka MEGA RAN // A Very Random Christmas

On the first day of advent… our friend Random aka Mega Ran has flowed all over DN3‘s Charlie Brown beats for a special Christmas album, available to download for free on his Bandcamp (see the widget below). We even get our name on the packagin, together with The Word Is Bond and Nougold.

After an amazing year, I decided to spread some cheer. All production by DN3. All songs sample from “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” my favorite holiday album. Special Thanks to The Word is Bond, Groovement and Nougold, and our mates in the UK. Thank you for listening as always.

Download: Mega Ran feat. Adam Warrock – Pump It Up

Mega Ran A.K.A. Random has a new track available to download from his Soundcloud. If you’re a fan of video game themed Hip Hop then this one is definitely for you.

Download from Soundcloud: Pump it Up (single version) feat. Adam Warrock by randombeats

Random was recently on tour in the UK with K-Murdock, Lost Perception and DJ DN3. During their stop in Manchester they recorded a special Groovement X NouGold podcast, which can be found here.



Yes y’all…


iTunes link

MEGA RAN (aka RANDOM) and K-MURDOCK (of PANACEA) hit the UK for the first time, rolling into Manchester for the Megabyte video game club night down at the Retro Bar. DJ A-UP and BEDOS of the Nougold show join Groovement’s Agent J and Mega Ran producers LOST PERCEPTION and DJ DN3.

Whisking them away into DJ A-UP’s toy room, this episode of Groovement sees a room full of like minded cats chatting shit about video games and music. Friendships were formed, memories shared and action figures rapped at. Join us!

Download this show

Recordings from Manchester gig
Black Materia
Forever Famicom

1)Mega Ran & K-Murdock – Epoch
2)Random & Raw Poetic – The Gauntlet
3)Blaze Rock & Lost Poetic feat. Random, Ocean & ROKnowledge – Blessed To Breathe
4)Random & Lost Perception – Avalanche
5)Mirandom feat. Mistah FAB & Fashawn – Fabshawn & Mirandom
6)Panacea – Steel Kites
7)Mirandom – Wednesday
8)Lost Perception, Span Phily & Random – Turned To Gold
9)Random – Who Shot Ya (Wack Gamer Diss)
10) Random Freestyle (DJ DN3 – Remote Viewing Instrumental)