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DAP1080 vinyl pic sm-500x500

Daptone colour vinyl countdown to 100th 45 release

100As I’m writing this, the first in Daptone’s series of coloured 45 releases, celebrating 100 7″ releases, has just sold out. It’s Charles Bradley & LaRose Jackson with Luv Jones. The hot pink has gone, but standard black vinyl is still in the shop.

DAP1080 vinyl pic sm-500x500

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that this is DUN-117 – this makes it the 17th release on Daptone little-sister label, but the release also goes by DAP-1080 aka Daptone’s 80th 45 release.

Listen to a preview of both sides here.

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Press release:

Out June 17th – Ships week of June 9th.

It was the annual Charles Bradley memorial day BBQ throw down, when Charles finally introduced LaRose Jackson to Tommy. “Tommeyy! This is the lady I was telling you about. You gotta hear her sang!” To which LaRose said, “This is the guy you were talking about? He don’t look like no funky producer to me. He look like one of them rock & rollers.” Well, our friend TNT invited LaRose and CB back to the old Dunham Sound Studio and set out to prove just how funky he could be. “What if I told you that curly haired dude over there was the baddest dr ummer you ever heard?” asked TNT to Rose. “Him? You guys are weird.” The duets that unfolded that night are on this seven-inch piece of wax: Two instant funky pizza party classics. Dig it. #pizzapartyfaceplant


Event: Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings + Lee Fields & The Expressions – Albert Hall Manchester, October


Buy tickets

I’ve not managed to make it to the newly restored Albert Hall yet, but I’ll be there for this one. A Daptone extravaganza, the likes of which we’re not usually treated to in the UK, will probably mean another refit as they blow the bloody roof off. This will sell out, so grab your tickets from the venue on the link above.

Keep up to date with Daptone releases on their website.

Have a listen to Groovement interviews with both Sharon and Lee below.

GROOVEMENT // Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings Interview / April 2008 by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud

Interview: LEE FIELDS // 5APR12 by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud


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Listen! Saun and Starr – Hot Shot

saun starr

Available to pre-order now from Daptone Records.

Daptone say:

It is our distinct pleasure to present the debut release by two women who will forever change the Soul game: Saun & Starr. Like a two-headed Phoenix rising from the ashes of a bygone era when the duets of Sam & Dave, James & Bobby Purify, and Marvin & Tammi danced upon the airwaves, Saun & Starr have redefined the possibilities of what a great Soul duo can be. Though they each posess a tone and style that commands attention, together their voices compliment each other perfectly, lifting their sound to elevations neither could reach alone –– harmonies and phrases playfully intertwining to form the architecture for a soulful fortress of vocal prowess. This is obvious to anyone who’s heard them backing up Miss Sharon Jones (on stage or on record) under the loving pseudonym “The Dapettes.”
Though they are currently in the studio putting finishing touches on their debut full-length album, two of their tunes have thankfully been committed to seven inch wax. The A-Side, ‘Hot Shot’ is a feel-good shaker that features the inexplicable range of Miss Starr Duncan Lowe, backed staunchly by the “Baddest Band in the Land”, The Dap-Kings. The flip, ‘Gonna Make Time’, showcases Saundra “Saun” Williams’ smooth, smoky vocal, atop a bed of deep low-rider soul. If this 45 ain’t your bag, please go lay down on a busy
street. There’s no hope for you.

Out now // Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings: Give The People What They Want

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 21.45.19
Finally out today, the newest long player from Sharon Jones and her Dap-Kings. If you want it on digi, head to iTunes.

Manchester, grab the vinyl from Piccadilly Records – check it in the Daptone shop too.

Sharon talks about the recent illness she’s conquered in a frank interview over at Noisey.


Edan previews the Poets of Rhythm Anthology on Daptone

poets anthology


Did anyone else in Manchester catch the Poets of Rhythm in Lammarr’s a few years back? A last minute gig but one of those landmark ones, with only a handful of people to enjoy it. People speak of these guys in hushed tones such is their legendary status, and this band-curated collection is a fitting tribute to their legacy. 

Order the anthology on ‘bookcase’ CD (with 20 page booklet) or gatefold LP (plus catch previews of the tracks) from Daptone here.

Below is a frankly ridiculous preview / cut up from the one and only EDAN.


“The band that convinced me soul music wasn’t dead.”   – Gabriel Roth

Before Daptone, there was Desco. Before Desco, there were The Poets of Rhythm.  Back in the ‘90s, a time when most of our ears were filled with the alternating din of angsty grunge and synthesized pseudo-soul, a couple of German kids unearthed a raw sound from our own back yard that we hadn’t even remembered burying. Though for a time they reveled in the borrowed nostalgia of bell-bottoms and fur coats, their style was always in spite of fashion, not because of it. They drew from the sound of old funk records, not as a mold, but as inspiration, understanding that sound would always be an origin of their music, but unlike many ‘soul revivalists’ to follow, they never settled for it as a destination.

As homage to the undeniably funky frontrunners of the modern soul movement, we are proud to present the definitive collection of Poets tunes, respectfully curated by Daptone staff and the band themselves.  It’s been twenty years since their first recording session, and this anthology celebrates their decade-long journey from the raw exuberant rebellion of ‘Funky Train’, to the moody hypnotic explorations of ‘Discern and Define’, and for the first time EVER on wax, the eerie, relaxed groover ‘Path of Life’ – A journey that truly earns them their name: The Poets of Rhythm.

Manchester: Charles Bradley brings his Extraordinaires to the Academy Oct 12th

charles victim

Charles is rightfully getting more exposure this year owing to the ‘Soul Of America’ film that saw transmission on the BBC when he last visited the country a couple of months back.

He’s hitting Manchester’s Club Academy on October 12th, but below are the UK and Ireland dates in full…

Buy tickets for the Manchester show here. Grab his latest album, Victim of Love (the follow up to 2011 debut No Time For Dreaming), over at Dunham/Daptone.

Groovement chatted to Dunham’s Tommy ‘TNT’ Brennek around the time of Dunham starting up in our Dap Kings interview here. In a similar vein to Charles, listen to our Lee Fields interview from last year here.

Oct 2 • The Sugar Club • Dublin, Ireland

Oct 3 • The Sugar Club • Dublin, Ireland

Oct 4 • Empire Music Hall • Belfast, Northern Ireland

Oct 5 • O2ABC • Glasgow, Scotland

Oct 6 • Wardrobe • Leeds, England

Oct 9 • KOKO • London, England

Oct 10 • Concorde 2 • Brighton, England

Oct 11 • Hare & Hounds • Birmingham, England

Oct 12 • Club Academy • Manchester, England



Listen: CHARLES BRADLEY // Strictly Reserved For You {Dunham/Daptone}

The Screaming Eagle Of Soul returns with new long player Victim Of Love on April 2ns, 2013. Recorded with the Dap Kings’ Tommy ‘TNT’ Brennek at his Dunham studios. Have a listen to some more material here or below on the player.








Instagram: @charlesbradley

Preview: THE COMO MAMAS // Get An Understanding {Daptone Records}


“There are only three instruments on this recording: The powerful, raspy voice of Ester Mae Smith, the deep soothing voice of Angela Taylor, and the energetic, spirited vocals of Della Daniels. There are no other musicians on this recording, yet the harmonies the Como Mamas create are so powerful, musical accompaniment is not missed. Recorded on a sweltering morning in the humble wood structure that is Mt. Mariah church, this record is sure to mirror that heat throughout your body and soul. Don’t be fooled by the term Gospel for this record will move everyone from the pious Pastor to the staunchest atheist. The Como Mamas believe whole-heartedly that these songs have the power to help and inspire people in their everyday lives. As Della put it “We just want folks to listen and get an understanding.” Well, all of us at Daptone Records couldn’t agree more.”