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Preview: Mono/Poly preps Golden Skies LP for Brainfeeder


Following collabs with Thundercat on his album in 2013, plus Flash Bang Grenada with Busdriver and Nocando, LA’s Mono/Poly has his debut LP for Brainfeeder ready to launch.

Photograph by LA’s theonepointeight

I think I first heard of his work for the split 7″ he did with Manchester’s Illum Sphere for Fat City Recordings, Part 3 of their Producer #2 series (listen to Oil Fields here). He contributed a Beat Dimensions track on Volume 2 and went on to release the cosmic George Machine EP for Faces Records. 

Golden Skies seeks to be even more sweeping – have a listen to the full album over at Pitchfork Advance. My personal favourite at the time of writing is Light Age.

It’s out this coming Monday, 25th August on LP, CD and download.

1. Winds Of Change 
2. Transit to the Golden Planet 
3. Ra Rise 
4. Golden Gate 
5. Golden Skies 
6. Light Age
7. Alpha & Omega 
8. Urania 
9. Empyrean (feat. Mendee Ichikawa) 
10. Dreamscape 
11. Night Garden 
12. Euphoria 
13. Gamma 


Manchester: Fingathing x Ras G x Blood Boy (This City Is Ours) // 14 Sep

finga ras

Smashing gig coming up in a couple of weeks – here’s some Groovement goodness from all three. Buy tickets for the show here.

GROOVEMENT // Fingathing / 6DEC10 by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud

FINGATHING SOUNDTRACK SPECTACULAR! // 13MAR12 by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud

GROOVEMENT // Ras G (Brainfeeder) / Interview 2NOV09 by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud

THIS CITY IS OURS // 7NOV11 by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud


Saturday April 20


KOKO 1a Camden High Street, London NW1 7JE

soundcrashmusic.com/daedelus-clark/ / facebook.com/events/414746728602171/

Press release:

Two heavyweights come to Camden on Saturday April 20 as Soundcrash presents Clark + Daedelus for one night only. Hosting a jaw-dropping lineup headlined by two of the most groundbreaking and innovative names in live electronica, Soundcrash serves up another essential night of music – and tickets are on sale now.

No stranger to Soundcrash or KOKO is Warp Records mainstay Clark. From his debut album ‘Clarence Park’ through to the recent ‘Fantasm Planes’ EP, Clark experiments within the regions of electronica and his live analogue show is rated as one of the most captivating and infectious.

Returning to London for his first live show since April 2012, Daedelus brings Archimedes back to the KOKO stage. Imagined by Daedelus, created with the expertise of Emmanuel Biard and David Leonard, Archimedes is an impressive bespoke mechanised wall of moving mirrors that moves in time with Daedelus’ deft sound manipulations to compliment and add to his legendary Monome sets.

Soundcrash favorites Hidden Orchestra, whose mesmerising live show has seen them gain a rapidly expanding fanbase across Europe and further afield, join the fun, as does Kelpe, whose barnstorming releases on the likes of DC Recordings, Black Acre and Svetlana Industries, plus a live show that has found him sharing stages with Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and once again this evening Daedelus, make him the perfect addition to an already powerful lineup.

CLARK (warp records / live) DAEDELUS (live Archimedes show) HIDDEN ORCHESTRA (live on stage 10pm) KELPE (live w/ drums) + special guests


Super Early Birds £7.50 / Early Birds £11 / Advance £15.50 / Late Buyers £17.50 / Last Buyers £19.50 soundcrashmusic.com / koko.uk.com


Download (320s) from DatPiff


  • 1.Philanthropist (Prod. Blacktophero)

  • 2.Revelations (Prod. Lou The Human (Tribe Gang)

  • 3.So Devilish (Prod. Dreamrite)

  • 4.Sun Through The Rain (Prod. Eff. Dope (Tribe Gang)

  • 5.Maxing Out (Prod. Rich Flyer)

  • 6.Herb Shuttles (Prod. Roca Beats)

  • 7.T.A.D.E.D. (Prod. Mr. Bristol)

  • 8.New New York (Prod. Entreproducers)

  • 9.Land Of Lords (Prod. Taleil Brown)

  • 10.6th Sense (Prod. Entreproducers)

  • 11.My Prism (Prod. Rich Flyer)

  • 12.Gold Soul Theory (Prod. Rich Flyer)

  • 13.Potion Number 25 (Prod. Bruce Lee Kixxs of Pro Era)

  • 14.The Mahdi. (Prod. Marcasso)

  • 15.Leopard Shepard (Prod. Dreamrite)

  • 16.Root Of All Evil (Prod. Mr. Bristol)

  • 17.Play Your Part (Prod. Mr. Bristol)


Blurb: As members of the Beast Coast movement (which includes Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era crew), The Underachievers are part of the new wave of rappers that have been coming out of New York. But they’re also repping the West: last summer the duo signed to Flying Lotus’ label in LA, Brainfeeder. ‘Indigoism’ marks the first Brainfeeder/Underachievers collaboration. Dropping February 1st, the 17-track mixtape features the duo’s underground hits (including ‘Gold Soul Theory,’ ‘Herb Shuttles’ and ‘Leopard Shepherd’), in addition to brand new tracks produced by the likes of Mr Bristol, Rich Flyer, The Entreproducers, Bruce Lee Kixxs, Juice and Lou Chapo from Tribe Gang, and Dreamrite. Listening to their sage lyrics, it’s hard to believe they’re only 21 (Ak) and 22 (Issa Dash) years old. And on the strength of ‘Indigoism,’ it’s near impossible to believe that up until 9 months ago, Ak and Dash had no set intention to be in the rap game at all. As they say themselves: “Indigos on the rise.”

STREAM: Flying Lotus – Until the Quiet Comes [Full Album]

Artists are doing this more and more regularly these days. Getting punters all excited about an album release date, then unexpectedly throwing a stream up a week or two early. I’m certainly not complaining – I get to hear one of my most anticipated albums of the year a full week before the vinyl lands at my door. The album is unmistakably FlyLo, and, in my opinion, certainly lives up to expectation. There’s no point in me saying any more about it though, just click the link below and immerse yourself.

Stream It Here.

ps Sultan’s Request destroyed Hoya:Hoya this Saturday just gone. You’ll see why. And yeah, it got pulled up.

DOWNLOAD: The Gaslamp Killer Resident Advisor Mix

This is one for the beat fiends. The MFGLK brings the noise to Resident Adivsor’s 329th guest mix with a selection of unreleased, underground, and unknown beats spanning from decades past, right up until a minute ago. The mix begins with some ruthless LA bass and finishes with a number of tracks from his debut album Breakthrough, which dropped today (buy it). I’m just hoping someone can piece together a tracklist and enlighten me to some of the low-end-heavy shit just exploded through my headphones throughout the last 45 minutes. Then again, there’s definitely beauty in the mystery of it.

Download the mix here. You need to sign up as a Resident Advisor member (it’s free), but it’s well worth it for this mix.

Check the Killer’s encounters with groovement here and here.

Preview: JEREMIAH JAE // Raw Money Raps {Brainfeeder}

release RAW MONEY RAPS (album)
release date NOW



Preview all tracks here

1. Man (Revolution Pt. 1)
2. Guns Go Off
3. Greetings (ft. Tre)
4. Rover
5. Leaders
6. Ignorant Mask (ft. K Embry)
7. Cat Fight (prod. by Flying Lotus)
8. Tourist
9. Money and Food
10. Wires
11. Seasons
12. False Eyes
13. One Herb
14. The Great Escape
15. Raw Money (Passage)
16. Money
17. Guerrilla (Evolution Pt. 1)
18. Hercules Versus the Commune
19. Cable

Press release: “I think it’s safe to say Jeremiah Jae is one of my favorite artists of his generation. This album has a complex dedication and honesty that I search for in myself with my own art. Underrated and understated, Jae is ready to show these muhfuckers what’s really good. Believe in Jeremiah Jae” – Flying Lotus

It’s truly apt that Raw Money Raps opens with Jeremiah Jae hazily reminiscing about awakening from an especially chimerical journey. After a kaleidoscopic grip of beat tapes, EPs and mixtapes, Jae unveils his sprawling debut full-length release. More than just an album, this is an all-encompassing Pynchonian, Tumblr-feeding, social networked art-rap fever dream.

Prepare yourself for Jeremiah Jae’s journey.

Listen to Groovement x Jeremiah Jae x Teebs

Preview: RYAT // Totem

Artist: Ryat

Release: Totem

Label: Brainfeeder

Release Date: Now


Brainfeeder presents the album TOTEM by new signée RYAT, a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer of avant-garde electronic music. A serious oeuvre, TOTEM blends classical elements and cinematic sounds with experimental time changes. Twisting through the gritty, disheveled beats like an elegant ribbon, RYAT’s gracefully processed vocals merge with electronic surprises to create a work of intense abstract art.

Trading the urban jungle of Philadelphia for the concrete badlands of Los Angeles, RYAT’s transformation was juxtapositioned with a new awareness of her natural surroundings and unexpected visits from animals, whose dream partners give the album its name. Every track of TOTEM represents a different spirit animal, each with a message translated through RYAT’s experimentation with unusual sound signatures.